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Notes to Contributors*

Only original unpublished articles are considered, manuscripts may be written in Arabic, English or, by special consent of the editors in any other language. Manuscripts should be submitted in quadruplicate and should not consist of more than 30 pages, including figures, illustrations, references, tables and appendices. Each manuscript should be accompanied by two abstracts, one in Arabic and one in English, of approximately 200 words each. Manuscripts should be sent in print and on a floppy 3.5" computer disk compatible with IBM Ms Word 97-2000, xp.

Book reviews of recent academic publications may be considered for inclusion in the Journal, and the Editor reserves the right to make any editorial changes he deems necessary.

Twenty offprints will be sent free of charge to the sole or principal author of the published manuscript, in addition to one copy of the issue in which the manuscript is published.


(ApA System) A) Documentation of published references: This should be done within the text by writing the author's surname, year of publication, and the number of the page (if necessary), as follows: (Dayton, 1970, p.21). References should be listed in the bibliography at the end of the manuscript in alphabetical order of authors' surnames, as in the following examples:

 - For a reference to a book:

Dayton, M. The Design of Educational Experiments. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1970.

 -For a reference to an article in a Periodical:

 Kempa, R.F., & Dube, G.E. Gognitive Preference Orientations in Students of Chemistry. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 1973, 43 (2), 279-288.

-For a reference to an article or unit in a book:

Lovell, K. Some Problems Associated with Formal Thought and its Assessment. In D. R. Green, M. P. Ford, & G. B. Flamer (Eds), Measurement and Piaget. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1971.

B) Documentation of notes and unpublished references: This should be done within the text by writing the word "note" followed by the succession number of the note in brackets, as follows: (Note 1). Then every note is explained in further detail at the end of the manuscript, before the references, under the title Notes, as follows:

 Note 1: Tobin, K. G. & Capie. W. The development and validation of a group test of logical thinking, Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Meeting, Boston, 1980.

Note 2: There is a great deal of literature on these developments, which cannot naturally be listed here.

Page Setup: Paper size (B5 Env.), Width (16.6cm), Hight (25cm). Margines: Top (2cm), Bottom (3.4cm), Right (3.3cm), Left (3.3cm). Paragraph: Indentation (0.7cm), spacing (6pt.), Line spacing (single), Font size, Arabic (11pt.) Naskh News, English (10pt.), Times New Roman.

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Abhath Al-Yarmouk may be obtained from the Exchange Division of the Yarmouk University Library or from the Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies at (JD 1.750) per copy. Annual subscription rates in Jordan: individuals (JD 7.00), institutions (JD 10.00); outside Jordan: (US $35.00) or equivalent.

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