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-   Jordan Journal of Educational Sciences (JJES) is an International Peer-Reviewed Research Journal, issued quarterly and published on a regular basis (March, June, September, and December) by the Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.

-   JJES is OWNED by Yarmouk University, and is funded by the Scientific Research Support Fund, Amman, Jordan.

-   JJES aims to advance knowledge through theoretical and empirical study across areas of inquiry related to all fields of educational sciences.

-    JJES is indexed in Ulrich's Periodical Directory.

-    JJES is indexed in Islamic Work Science Citation Center (ISC). 

 JJES is indexed in Arab Online Database (MAREFA), and ranked first in 2018 (ARCIF: 0.7857).

P-ISSN: 1814 -9480,  E-ISSN : 2303-9574

Last Issue

Volume 14, No.4, December 2018

Jordan Journal of Educational Sciences

JJES is Indexed in Ulrich's Periodical Directory, Scientific Research Support Fund and in Islamic Word Science Citation Center (ISC).


                        Copyright 2005-2018. All Rights Reserved, Yarmouk University