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  1. JJES publishes genuine research characterized by originality and scientific methodology by following standards and guidelines.
  2. JJES publishes papers in all fields of educational sciences.
  3. JJES refrains from considering manuscripts not following instructions and publication guidelines.
  4. JJES is published in Arabic and/or in English. Manuscripts should be computer-typed and (1.5) spaced, font (14 Arial) in Arabic and (12) in English. All manuscripts must include an abstract in Arabic and in English, each containing a maximum of 150 words typed on a separate sheet of paper, and followed by keywords put in brackets to help researchers  access manuscripts in related databases. Manuscripts, including figures, tables, drawings and appendices, should not exceed (30) pages, paper size (A4). Figures and tables should not be colored or shaded, and should be placed in their appropriate places within the text with their captions. 
  5. The author(s) should submit a written consent that the submitted manuscript has not been published and is not submitted simultaneously to any other journal to be considered for publication. The author must submit a short bio including his affiliation and his specific scientific field.
  6. The manuscript must conform to the following sequence:

§ Introduction: it should include both the theoretical framework and a review of related  Literature.

§ Statement of the problem; questions or hypothesis.

§ Significance of the study.

§ Study limitations, if applicable.

§ Definitions of concepts/terms.

§ Methodology (including study population, samples, instruments, procedures, etc.,…).

§ Findings/results.

§ Discussion.

§ Conclusions and recomandations.

§ References.

  1. Manuscripts can be submitted online to:
  2. Manuscripts submitted for publication in JJES are blind-reviewed, if they initially meet the guidelines, by two specialist referees, who are confidentially selected by the editor-in-chief.
  3. JJES reserves its right to ask the author to omit, reformulate or rephrase the manuscript or any part thereof to conform to its publication policy. JJES has the right to make technical changes to meet the nature of the journal.
  4. JJES informs the author(s) of receipt, acceptance, or rejection of the manuscript.
  5. Citation: JJES applies APA (American Psychological Association) guide for scientific research publication. The author(s) must conform to the guidelines of citation, documentation of all sources and references, and the ethics of scientific research publication. JJES reserves the right to reject a manuscript and denounce its author(s) if plagiarism is verified. For citation guidelines, please visit the website:, and the following URL:
  6. The author must submit a copy of each appendix from the research appendices (if applicable) such as programs, applications, tests ... etc.,  and must submit a signed form to maintain other authors’ copyrights (intellectual property), and must identify means of access to obtain a copy of the programs, applications, or tests to interested researchers.
  7. JJES does not award the author(s) for the publication of manuscripts.
  8. JJES sends a copy of the published manuscript, in addition to (10) offprints free of charge to the principal author of the published manuscripts.
  9. The manuscripts are the copyright of JJES once the author is informed of acceptance to publish the manuscript.
  10. Authors must specify whether the manuscript is extracted from an M.A. or a Ph.D. thesis in the title page with complete documentation, on one copy of the manuscript, where the name and affiliation of the author(s) are typed.

Note:" Opinions expressed in JJES are solely those of their authors and do not necessarily   reflect the opinions of the Editorial Board, Yarmouk University, nor the policy of the Scientific Research Fund at the Ministry of Higher Education".