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Volume 7, No. 1, 2014, 1435 H

 English Articles



Under Vacuum Photoluminescence Study of Vertically Stacked InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots

This work presents a study of photoluminescence (PL) in vacuum from vertically stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dots on (100) N+ oriented GaAs substrate. A PL system in ultra-high vacuum that was coupled onto a molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) chamber was used in order to avoid the oxidation of the quantum dots. After carrying out the PL of the first layer, the same sample has been returned back to the MBE chamber to grow a second, third, forth and fifth layer of QDs, where after every layer the sample has been taken out of the MBE to the PL system.  ...


Ziad Y. AbuWaar

JJP, 2014, 7(1) , 1-6

Portable Low-Cost CT Scanner Prototype Based on Coincidence Measurements

A prototype design of Computed Tomography scanner has been tested. The major system employs a gamma ray source, scintillation detectors, a data logger and a three-dimensional sample position controller. The image resolution is determined by the step size and the diameter of the gamma ray beam which is controlled by the pinhole collimator. This device is being designed as a prototype gamma ray scanner with modifications in the type of radiation being used, electronics setup and the rotation and translation techniques.  ...


M. S. Hamideen

JJP, 2014, 7(1) , 7-12

Preparation and Characterization of Binary Polymer Blend Reinforced with Polypropylene, Carbon and Hybrid Fibers

In this study, a binary polymer blend was prepared and characterized before and after the reinforcement with polypropylene, carbon fibers and hybrid of both types. Epoxy/polyvinyl chloride (EP/PVC) blends were prepared with different weight ratios including (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20)% of (PVC). The influence of addition of (PVC) on the mechanical properties of epoxy resin was examined.  ....


Awham M. Hameed and Nada R. Kareem

JJP, 2014, 7(1) , 13-22

Magnetic Properties of CoII, CoIII and CoII−III Coordinated to a Carbosilazane-Based Polymer

Magnetization measurements have been performed on CoII, CoIII and CoII−III incorporated into carbosilazane-based polymeric matrix (PEDCSZ,  –[(CH3)2SiNHCH2CH2NH]n--). The local field effect has been evaluated using simple approach similar to the Weiss molecular field model in the paramagnetic state. In this approach, the exchange interaction is represented by the average molecular field constant g ...


Y. A. Hamam ,            H. M. El-Ghanem ,         I. M. Arafa ,   Kh. A. Ziq and M. R. Said


JJP, 2014, 7(1) , 23-34

Effects of Ultrasound in Etching and Detecting Parameters of CR-39 Detector

Effect of 40 kHz ultrasound (US) in chemical etching of alpha-particle tracks                    in CR-39 solid state nuclear track detector were investigated. Alpha-particle irradiations                  (using 1 µCi 241Am source) were made with different energies under normal incidence. All track etch rates VD, VB, VT and V  increased, but the critical angle of the detector θC  decreased.  ...


Saeed H. Saeed Al-Nia’emi


JJP, 2014, 7(1) , 35-42

 Arabic Articles



Comparison between Penman-Montieth Model and Pan Evaporation Model in the Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration in Different Regions in IRAQ

The objective of this research is to find the mean monthly values of reference  evapotranspiration (ETO) in 22 stations distributed all over Iraq using (PM-1998) model which is widely used worldwide and Epan (class A) model during the period (1980-2010). The results showed high convergence between the mean monthly values of reference evapotranspiration calculated by the two models in all stations. The results showed also very high correlation between (ETO) calculated by the two models in all stations, where (R2) ranged between (0.961-0.996), in addition to that (MAE, RMSE) values were found very low in most of the stations. ...


Waleed Jasem and Hani Hamdoon

JJP, 2014, 7(1) , 43-52