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Volume 9, No. 2, 2016, 1438 H

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Crystallization Behavior of Se85Cd8Zn7 Chalcogenide Glass

Ternary Se85Cd8Zn7 chalcogenide glass was prepared by melt quenching technique. Experimental measurements by differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) are used for studying crystallization behavior of this glass under non-isothermal conditions. DSC curves show well defined endothermic and exothermic peaks at glass transition (Tg) and crystallization peak (Tc) temperatures. ...


Omar A. Lafi

JJP, 2016, 9(2) , 71-79

Radon Concentration and Lung Cancer Risk in Bashika District

WIn this work, the indoor radon concentration level and lung cancer risks have been measured in Bashika district, east of Mosul city-Iraq, during the summer season, by using time integrated passive radon dosimeters containing CR-39 plastic track detectors. These measurements were carried out in the sitting room of ten dwellings built by plaster for an exposure time of 60 days.  ...


Ahmed Khalef,

Hana Ihsan Hasan and Yasir Yahya Kasim

JJP, 2016, 9(2) , 81-85

Variational Calculations of the Exchange Energy of a Two-Electron Quantum Dot in a Magnetic Field

The ground-state energies of a two-electron quantum dot are calculated using the variational calculation method to solve the relative part Hamiltonian of a two-dimensional quantum dot presented in a uniform magnetic field. We have shown the dependence of the exchange energy of the two-electron quantum dot on the confining frequency and strength of the magnetic field. ...


A. Shaer, M.K. ELSAID and M. Elhasan

JJP, 2016, 9(2) , 87-93

The Change in the Properties of 130Xe - 130Nd Isobar States

The properties of the ground and negative parity state bands of 130Xe - 130Nd isobars have been studied. The ratio  has been calculated  QUOTE  as a function of the spin (I) to determine the ground-state evolution. The ratio between the energies of the (I+2) and (I) states as a function of the spin (I) has been drawn to determine the property of the ground- state band.   ...


Imad Mamdouh Ahmed


JJP, 2016, 9(2) , 95-102

Robust High Resolution Fat-Water Separation in the Abdomen during Free-Breathing by Self-Gated 2D Radial TrueFISP Imaging

Accurate high resolution fat-water separation in the abdomen is challenging due to respiratory motion. In this work, we propose a robust high resolution fat-water separation strategy in the abdomen during free breathing by employing radial sampling with a golden angle increment. To this end, a radial TrueFISP sequence was modified enabling the echo time TE to change from projection to projection, to force fat signals to behave in a conspicuous manner through time, so that they can be detected and separated from water signals through temporal processing. ...


Riad S. Ababneh, Thomas Benkert and Felix A. Breuer

JJP, 2016, 9(2), 103-108



Evaluation of Annual Effective Dose Due to Ingestion in Some Commonly Consumed Vegetables in Lagos State, Nigeria

The activity concentrations of 40K, 238U and 232Th in some commonly consumed vegetables in Badagry, Ikorodu and Ojo areas of Lagos state were determined. The highest concentration of 40K was obtained in Celosia argentea (Lagos Spinach) with a value of 7807.51±402.48 Bq/kg, the highest concentration of 238U with a value of 59.46±6.46 Bq/kg was found in Amaranthus hybridus (African Spinach) and the highest concentration of 232Th was found in Amaranthus hybridus (African Spinach) with a value of 47.45± 2.80 Bq/kg. ...


M. A. Olaoye,

T. J. Aluko,


O. A. Jegede and

O. O. Adeleke

JJP, 2016, 9(2) , 109-112

Effects of Thermal Annealing on Structural and Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline CdxPb1-xS Thin Films Prepared by CBD

CdxPb1-xS thin films with (x=0, 0.4) were successfully deposited on glass substrates using chemical bath deposition (CBD) method. It was confirmed from the X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis that all the films exhibited a polycrystalline nature with preferential orientation along (200) plane. The deposited films were thermally annealed in order to investigate the effect of thermal annealing on the structural and optical properties. ...


S. M. Ahmad,

S. J. Kasim and

L. A. Latif 

JJP, 2016, 9(2) , 113-122

Applying Titius-Bode's Law on Exoplanetary Systems

We report the application of Titius-Bode's law on 43 exoplanetary systems containing four or more planets. Due to the fact that most of these systems have their planets located within compact regions extending for less than the semi-major axis of Mercury, we found the necessity to scale down the Titius-Bode’s law in each case.  ...


M. B. Altaie,

Z. Yousef and

A. I. Al-Sharif

JJP, 2016, 9(2) , 123-130