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Volume 11, No. 1, 2018, 1439 H


Articles in Arabic



Technical Characteristics of Some Jordanian Children's Songs.
"Mohammad luay" Abdallah Alshawaheen.

1- 17


The Impact of a Training Course for High School Students Who Apply to Study Music at Jordanian Universities.
Hassan Mohammad Al Omari.

19 - 34

Fingers Extension on the Cello and Methods to Benefit from them on the Oud
Khaled M. Al Bal'awi, Nidal A. Obiedat,Wael H. Haddad,Mohammed Z. Tashli.

35 - 49

Symbols in Visual: Abdul Nasser Gharem's Works as  a Model in Saudi Contemporary Art.
Maha Abdullah Al-Senan, Fatima Rashed Al Issa.

51 - 69

The Child Cinematic Image Between Current Implications and Underlying Cultural Tribal Manners.
Faisal Mohsen Alqahtani.

71 - 82