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Volume 12, No. 1, 2019, 1440 H


Articles in Arabic


Expressionism in Openness of the frame from the Visual Image to the Perceptible Image in Movies

Fadya Saeed, Athraa Hassan,

1- 19


The Naming of the Maqamat Denominations and Their Implications in Arabic Music and the Alternatives to These Names

Firas yaseen jasim

21 - 40


Irony in Honore Daumirís Oil Paintings

Saba Qeis al-Yasiri

41 - 59


The Technicals' Text in the Form of Kurdish Play

Mansor.N.Najm, Zhilwan T. Baper, Omer.M. Ali Naqrsh

61 - 79

Interactions of Art Expression Between Photography and Contemporary Forming

Abdullah Hussein Obeidat, Qassem Abdelkarim Shukran, Mahmood Ahmed Bani Khaled

261 - 279