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Volume 13, No. 2, 2020, 1441 H


Articles in Arabic



The Expression of Communication in the Feature Cinema
Ban Jabbar Khallaf Al-Rubaie

143- 161


Theories of Existentialism and its Reflection on Modern Sculpture
Abdullah Fawzi Khurshid Ismail
163 - 185


The Aesthetic Value of the Cinematic Image in Nabataean poetry, An analytical Study of a Sample of Selected poems the Poets: Hassan al
Zyoudey and Mohammed ibn Ghadeer

Mekhled Nusair burakuh al- zyoud, Tarik Ibraheem saleh Haddad
187 - 204
· The Dramatic Element in the Second Movement of Yousef Khasho's Symphony, "Al-Hussein Bin Ali": An Analytical Study
Haitham Sukkarieh
205 - 235
·  Theory of Sustainability and Creativity & its Relationship to Environmental Art & Technological Development in Islamic Architecture in Bosnia and Al-hersic
Furat Jamal Hassan, Ahmad Masher Kakhel

Metallic Colors Extraction Through Salt Glazes by Method
Haidar Abdelghadir Abdalla

· The Representations of the Place and its Influence on the Designer of the Artistic Chair: An Analytical Study of the Work of Students of the faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan during Darat Al Funun Celebrations
Haifa’a Ahmad Ali Bani Ismail
119 - 141