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Volume 15, No.4, 2022, 1444 H


Articles in Arabic



The Foundations of Designing Indicative Signs in Ports and Marine Waterways as an Introduction to Enriching Contemporary Graphic Design

 ALI (Mohammad Ali) Qudah , Wadi Yousef AlDaoud


669 - 685


Designing Exhibition Costumes Inspired by the Traditional Costumes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 wasmiyah abdulrahman alaql


687 - 704


Utilizing Palestinian Folklore Games in Developing the Local Furniture Industry; an Applied Research on Tables
Ehab M. Abu-Hannoud

705 - 718


Proposed Program to Develop Musical Accompanying for Students of Oud and Qanoun
Raeda Ahmad Alwan, Nedal Ahmad Obeidat

719 - 731

Employment the smart Fabrics and Inscriptions of the Dress of the Huthayl Tribe in Designing a Set of Costumes for the Folkloric Communal Majrour Dance

Saitah Bint Muhammad Al-Mutairi, Hessah Ali Alshoaibi

733 -755

Sustaining the aesthetic values of traditional costumes' decorative and accessories in Fifa’s province using digital technologies for decorating fabrics
Wafa hassan Shafee, Maha Muhammad Al-Mashari

757 - 773

Articles in English



Historical Factors and Their Impact on The Formation of Architect Sinan's Mosques

Naser Thabet Al-Mughrabi

775 - 794

The Aesthetic and utilitarian value of metal jewelry in the light of intellectual property
Ghadah Abdurahman Alfaisal

795 - 811