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The Jordanian Journal of the Arts (JJA) is an international refereed research journal issued by Higher Scientific Research Committee, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Amman, Jordan.

  • JJA is published by Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.
  • Manuscripts should be submitted in Arabic or in English. However, submission in any other language is subject to approval by the Editorial Board.
  • JJA is published biannually.
  • JJA publishes genuinely original research characterized by clear academic methodology.
  • JJA accepts papers in all fields of Arts only.
  • Unpublished manuscript will not be returned to another authors.

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Volume 15, No. 4 2022, 1444 H


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 Jordanian Journals
Editorial Board
Consulative Board
Publication Guidelines
Manuscript Submission
JJA Issues  
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Volume 15, No.4, 2022, 1444 H


Articles in Arabic



A Proposed Conception to Activate the Role of Art Education in Reducing the Phenomenon of Violence among Students in the Intermediate Stage in Ta’if Schools

Ibrahim salamah alsharari


1 - 28


Corona Pandemic Representations on Contemporary Graffiti Art

Qasem Abdel-karim Shukran , Ruqayyah Abdallah Abu Sini

29 - 54


The Impact of (Jordan Academy of Music by its syllabus) on (music education) in Jordan

Yari Bassam Al nemri


55 - 73


The Impact of Using Digital Design Programs On the Interior Design Students Performance: The Case of The School of Art and Design at the University of Jordan

Mutasem azmi Alkarabliah

75 - 87

The Integrative Relationship between Functional and Aesthetic Values in Modern Interior Design and Their Impact on Space

Islam Mohammed Obeidat


89 - 112

Utilizing Collage Technique in Children's Stories Illustrations

Hanan Yousef Al Ahmad


113  - 130



The Technical Difficulties Faced by Students of the Oud in Performing Some of Munir Bashir's Compositions and How to Overcome Them

Nidhal Ahmad Obeidat, Ra’idah Ahmad Alwan


131 - 141

Ancient residential Buildings in the northern Jordanian Badia, an archaeological and architectural study

Daifallah Mohammad Obaidat


143 - 163