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Volume 1, No. 1, 2008, 1430 H

Articles in Arabic



Al-Samer Form

The research aims to identify an original singing form as a part of traditional Bedouin musical forms of Jordan since ancient times which is known as Al- Samer, in terms of historical roots, musical forming, performing methods, and type, in addition to its’ performing elements,



Mohammed Ghawanmeh

JJA, 2008, 1(1), 1-26

Tajnees AL- Aghani (The Songs) at AL- Asfahani

AL-Aghani for Abu Faraj Al-Asfahani is a compilation which was interested in historiography and documentation of Arabic songs during pre-Islamic period until the middle of the forth century of Al- Hijra. So, Al- Aghani is considered as one of the most important resources of Arab Islamic heritage which is specialized in literature.



Mutasim Adela

JJA, 2008 1(1), 27-49

The Victory of Freedom in Beethoven Overture “Egmont” Analytical Study

The study shows a musical analysis of one of Beethoven’s overtures, entitled “Egmont” which is written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It is a symphonic poem which shows Beethoven’s understanding of freedom and how he expresses it musically.



Mohammed Al-Mallah

JJA, 2008, 1(1), 51-62

The Occurrence and Development of Double Bass

This research aims to explore the history of double bass; in particular its occurrence & development. Moreover, it reveals this instrument’s historical origins, starting from its birth, walking through the ages, to end up with its recent modification. Referring to all vital instruments in the life of double bass, and comparing between them. Nevertheless,



Aziz Madi

JJA, 2008, 1(1), 63-78

Portrait of the Soul: A Reading of Cover Design by Zuhayr Abu Shayib

This is a critical, artistical reading of a number of book cover designs by the artist Zuhayr Abu Shayib based on the extent of congruence of the artistic content of the frontispiece, and the content of the book. The text of the book constitutes a body spread over its numerous pages, and the cover is both the concentrated spirit, and the intelligently reduced form that express the book’s contents.



Jamal Maqableh
Maha A. Mubaideen

JJA, 2008, 1(1), 79-107

Articles in English



Approaches to Design in the Management of Design Centers

The main purpose of this paper is to study the different approaches to design in internationally wellknown design centers and their associated design support organizations.



Ziyad Haddad

JJA, 2008, 1(1), 1-11

Time in Vermeer’s Life and Art as Demonstrated in Milkmaid and Lacemaker

Vermeer never left his city Delft, unlike his fellow men that moved to big cities for prosperous life and bigger art market. He dedicated his life to painting domestic space with its devotees who were mostly women. Painting process, regardless of being intellectual, creative and experimental, for Vermeer it needs commitment, strength and time.



Inas Alkholy

JJA, 2008, 1(1), 13-21