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Volume 3, No. 1, 2010, 1430 H

Articles in Arabic



Composing Theme Songs of Some Religious Television Series

The main aim of the religious song is to arouse public enthusiasm towards its message. TV series are considered among the most important subjects that present a message to the whole society.



Shereen A.Latif Ahmed

JJA, 2010, 3(1), 1-22

The Arab Nabataean’s Music

Music is considered as one of the most important aspects of civilization. It indicates the level of urbanization and development of people.



Eyad Almasri
Mahdi Abdelazez

JJA, 2010, 3(1), 23-35

The Impact of Satellite Television Drama on Juvenile Violence

This study aimed at identifying the role of satellite channels in promoting violence among high basic stage students in the schools of Irbid First Directorate of Education.



Nayef Al- Shboul

JJA, 2010, 3(1), 37-48

The Role of the Art of Embroidery in the Economic Empowerment of Women

The study aimed at shedding light on the experiences of women working in the field of embroidery through the identification of changes caused by their work in the field of embroidery in increasing their economic empowerment, identifying the constraints they face during their work in this field and finally identifying their future aspirations in this profession.



Amal Al-Kharouf

JJA, 2010, 3(1), 49-64

The problem of putting forth the theatrical text from the film makers point few, «the merchant of Venice by Shakespeare as an example»

Cinema imposes a specific technical writing scenario as distinct from the art of writing text this is due to the specificity of each art form.



Ali Al-Ribat
Mِikhled Zyoudey

JJA, 2010, 3(1), 65-75

Methods of Weaving and Embroidering the Yemenite Fouta: A Descriptive, Analytic Study

Folklore fashion design is an art created by common people, inherited by the successive generations, adapting them, in accordance with their characteristics, environment.



Ayman Al-Arabi

JJA, 2010, 3(1), 77-94