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Volume 4, No. 2, 2011, 1432 H

Articles in Arabic



The Symbolism of Hand in Religious Thoughts and Semitic Sculpture

This paper aims at shedding light on the symbolic meanings of the hand in ancient mythologies, religious thoughts and Semitic sculptures of gods and humans.



Eyad R. Almasri and Mairna H. Mustafa

JJA 2011, 4(2), 99-121

Art and Science Pre –Service Teachers' Perceptions of Knowledge Integration between Art and Science Curricula and their Attitudes towards the Integrated Approach to Teaching

The present study aimed at investigating Art and Science student teachers' perceptions of the knowledge integration between art and science curricula and their attitudes towards the Integrated Approach to teaching. The sample consisted of (90) art and science student teachers from the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University.



Mohammed H. Al-Amri, Abdullah Kh. Ambusaidi and Fakhrya Kh. Al-Yahyai

JJA 2011, 4(2), 123-150

Improvisation in Tahmelah Form

This paper shows the status and importance of   improvisation in Arabic music, which is based on three important pillars (talent, education and practice).



Wael H. Haddad and Mohammed A. Al- Mallah

JJA 2011, 4(2), 151-166

The Mosaic Floors (panels) and other Findings from the Archaeological Site of Khirbet Jaber in the Northern Jordanian Badiah

Based on a previous study that focused on the archaeological site of "Khirbet  Jaber" addressing the spread of the archaeological remains and its recent situation, the present study intends to follow-up this effort.



Daifallah M. Obeidat and Asem M. Obeidat


JJA 2011, 4(2), 167-195

Articles in English



The Delivered Effect of Arabian Musical Modes “Maqamat” within a Group of German Listeners – An Incentive to Motivate globalization of Musical Curricula

This study is an attempt to measure the impact of Maqam, a mode of Arabic music, on a sample of listeners at UDK (University of art in Berlin). 


Rami Najib Haddad


JJA 2011, 4(2), 197-215

Art Therapy in the Modern World and Music Therapy in Particular

This article aims at locating the new academic discipline of art therapy and dwells more specifically on the various kinds of widespread art therapies.



Tsonka Al-Bakri


JJA 2011, 4(2), 217-243