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Volume 7, No. 2, 2014, 1435 H


Articles in Arabic



The symbols connotations of the expressional configuration as a visual language in the Saudi environment

Shereen Al-harazi

111- 132


Jewelry and Ornaments of Arab Heritage "Documentary Study"

Khalil N. Tabaza

132- 150


The Experience of Abdel Hameed Hamam In Recomposing Melodies of Jordan Folk Songs Using The Polyphonic Method

Raeda Ahmed Alwan

151- 176


Teaching Aids in the Field of Music Education Using Design Elements

Asem Obeidat,  Shereef Hamdi

177- 198


Articles in English


Utilizing the Unextended Weft Interlace Mechanisms in Devising New Design Formulations of   Enriching Woven Necklaces   for the Arab women's Dress Accessories”

Amany m. shaker