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Volume 10, No. 1, March 2014, Jumada Al-Awwal 1435 H

Articles in Arabic                                    البحوث باللغة العربية



Matching between the Employment of Sultan Qaboos University’s Graduates in the Labor Market and their Academic Specialties

Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the positions compatibility of graduates at Sultan Qaboos University with their academic specialization.


Salim Al Ghnboosi

 JJES,  2014, 10(1) 1- 13

The Effectiveness of Bibliotherapy and Group Counseling in Reducing the Level of Psychological Loneliness among Non Jordanian Students at Yarmouk University

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of bibliotherapy and group counseling in reducing the level of psychological loneliness among non Jordanian students. The study sample consisted of (45) non-Jordanian male and female students who came from (19) Arabic countries, spoke Arabic Language and studied at Yarmouk University during 2012/2013.


Ahmad Al-Shraifin

Eman Al-Mifleh

JJES,  2014,10(1)15- 35

The Degree to Which Career Education Teachers are Practicing the Knowledge Economy skills, as Perceived by the Educational Supervisors in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at determining the degree to which the Career education teachers are practicing the knowledge economy skills as perceived by their educational supervisors. The study sample consisted of (62) supervisors, with the percentage of 71% of the entire population.


Ahmed Issa Al-Tweissi  
JJES,  2014, 10(1) 37- 54

Calendar of teaching aids in the al-Azhari Arabic Curriculum For the Higher Religious Secondary  in the Malaysian state of Johor

Abstract: This study aimed to identify the educational methods and evaluation in al-Azhari Arabic curriculum at higher religious schools in the Malaysian state of Johor .


Islam Shatnawi

kamarulzaman Bin Abdul Ghani

Mohd Aderi Bin Che Noh

 JJES,  2014, 10(1) 55- 64

Family Functioning as Perceived by Adolescents and its Relation With Social Competence and Anxiety

Abstract: The csurrent study sought to explore the interrelationships among family functioning (cohesion, adaptability), parental practices, social competence and anxiety. The study sample consisted of 378 students in seventh, eighth and ninth grades in the public schools in the governorate of Zarqa in Jordan.


Jehad Alaedein

 Tagreed Al-Ali

 JJES,  2014, 10(1) 65- 88

The Relationship between Resistance to Temptation and Common Styles of Thinking Among University Students in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at measuring the relationship between the resistance to temptation and common styles of thinking among the students of Jordanian universities. The sample of the study consisted of (1701) male and female students, from Jordan University and Mutah University, selected by clustered stratified random sample.


Sabri Al-Tarawneh

Mohammed Al-Qudah

JJES,  2014, 10(1) 89- 100

The Level of Organizational Management Conflict for Public Secondary Schools Principals and its Relationship with the Level of Organizational Loyalty for Teachers in the Capital Amman

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the relationship between organizational management conflicts for public secondary schools principals with organizational loyalty for teachers from teachers point of view in the capital Amman.


Awnia Abu Snaina

Abdul Jabbar Al-Biati

 JJES,  2014, 10(1)
101- 119

The Effectiveness of Integrating Smart Board and Metacognitive Skills on Knowledge Achievement Related to Instructional Courseware Production Skills among Instructional Technology Students

Abstract: The current study investigates the effectiveness of integrating smart board and metacognitive skills on achievement related instructional courseware production skills among technology Department students. The sample consists of (50) bachelor male and female scholars from instructional technology department at Jadara University in Jordan.


Ibrahim Jbeili

 JJES,  2014, 10(1)
121- 132