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Volume 10, No. 2, June  2014, Shaaban 1435 H

Articles in Arabic                                    البحوث باللغة العربية



The Effect of Using Peer Problem Solving Strategy in Acquisition of Genetic Concepts and Correcting the Alternative Concepts of the 12th Grade Female Students in the Sultanate of Oman

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of using peer problem solving strategy in the acquisition of genetic concepts and correcting the alternative concepts of the 12th grade Omani female students. The sample consisted of (155) students selected from two post Basic Education school of Al-Dakhlyia Governorate, Oman.


Abdullah Ambusaidi

Sulaiman Al-Balushi

JJES, 2014, 10(2) 133 - 144

The Effectiveness of Pictured Letters Mnemonics Strategy in Learning Similar Arabic Language Letters among Students with Learning Disabilities in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of pictured letter mnemonics strategy in learning similar Arabic language letters among students with learning disabilities in Jordan, and whether it differs according to teaching method, gender, and its interaction.


Qais Al-Meqdad

Mohammad Kana’neh

JJES, 2014,10(2) 145 - 159

The Effect of Using the 5E- Learning Cycle strategy Based on the Learning Management System "Blackboard" and on interactive Multimedia Program in the Physics Achievement of Engineering Students at King Saud University

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the effect of teaching physics by using the 5E learning cycle based on the learning management system "Blackboard" and interactive multimedia program on the achievement of engineering students at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, in comparison with the traditional method.


Walid Sawaftah

Moustafa Rudwan

JJES, 2014, 10(2) 161- 176

The Level of Emotional Intelligence and its Relationship with the Leader’s Effectiveness Among Jordanian Schools` Principals in Jordan

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the level of emotional intelligence and its relationship with the effectiveness among the leaders of the schools` principals at Petra and Wadi Al-sair directorates in Jordan.


Mohammad. Al- Amarat

JJES, 2014, 10(2)177 - 190

AFL Students' Motivation toward Learning Arabic in Jordan as Related to Some Variables

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the foreign students' motivation level toward learning Arabic, and whether there would be statistical significant differences at the level (α = 0.05) in their motivation due to the variables of: student's gender, his nationality and the period of time that he spent in Jordan.


Mohammed Al- Khawaldeh

Abdelnaser Al-Jarrah 

Faisal Al-Rabee

JJES, 2014, 10(2) 191 - 204

Patterns of Parental Abuse and Psychological Adjustment as Perceived by Adolescents in Light of Some Variables

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine patterns of parental abuse as perceived by adolescents and their psychological adjustment, and to examine the effects of several variables (adolescent's gender, his/here age, family level of education, and family per capita).


Ahmad Smadi

Hadeel Alttaani

 JJES, 2014, 10(2)205 - 218

The Level of Reading Comprehension of Scientific Texts for Chemical Concepts in the Ninth Grade Science Textbook

Abstract: The aim of this study was to measure the reading comprehension levels for chemistry concepts in science textbook of the ninth grade. A descriptive approach was adopted to accomplish the study. Participants were (253) female students chosen randomly from ninth grade in public schools in Riyadh.


  Sozan Omar      Reem ALotaibi

JJES,  2014, 10(2)
219 - 231

The Relationship between Classroom Climate and Academic Self-Efficacy in English Language Course among Students of King Abdullah II Schools for Excellence

Abstract: The study aimed to investigate the relationship between classroom climate and academic self-efficacy in the English language course among the students of King Abdullah II School for Excellence. The study sample consisted of (407) students in the academic year 2012/2013.


Fawwaz Momani Bayan Nawafleh        

JJES, 2014, 10(2)
233 - 248

Articles in English                             البحوث باللغة الإنجليزية  



The Integration of Knowledge, Economical, and Technological Concepts in the Pre-Vocational Education and Sciences Education Curriculum as Perceived by the Teachers at Irbid Directorate Schools

Abstract: The Integration between pre-vocational education and sciences education curricula is fundamental for understanding the nature of sciences and their applications. Therefore, this study was conducted to assess the degree of integrating knowledge, economical, and technological concepts in the pre-vocational education and sciences education curriculum as perceived by the teachers of both subjects, and whether these perspectives differ due to the study's independent variables. .



Muhammad Al-Alawneh

Jehad Mustafa

JJES, 2014, 10(2)
249- 259