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Volume 10, No. 3, September  2014, Dhu al-Hijjah 1435 H

Articles in Arabic                                    البحوث باللغة العربية



The Effect of Teaching by Instructional Software on Improving Maths Learning Motivation among 2nd Basic Graders in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the effect of teaching by computer in improving learners' maths motivation level. To achieve the aim of the study, an instructional software consisted of (47) slides included activities and exercises of teaching the multiplication unit in maths, and maths learning motivation scale was constructed.


Abdelnaser Al-Jarrah

Mohammad Muflih

Faisal Al-Rabee

Mamoun Ghawanmeh

JJES, 2014, 10(2) 261 - 274

The Effectiveness of A Training Program in Improving Social Competence of Abused Female Pupils at late Childhood Stage

Abstract: The study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a training program in improving social competence of female abused pupils at late childhood stage. The study sample consisted of (26) female pupils whose ages ranged from (10.9 to 11.4) years. The selection of the sample was based on the fact that the participants got the lowest scores in social competence scale and the highest scores in parental abuse scale.


Etaf Abu Ghali

JJES, 2014,10(3)275- 291


Analysis of Islamic Education Textbooks for Secondary Stage in Jordan in the Light of Multiple Intelligences Theory

Abstract: This study aims to examine the degree of inclusion  and balanc of multiple intelligences indicators in the Islamic education textbooks the secondary stage represented in the analysis units (activities and questions) using the descriptive analytical approach - the content analysis method


Asm`a Al-Shboul

Nasser Al-Khawaldeh

JJES,  2014, 10(3) 293- 304

The Effect of a Teaching Strategy Based on Problem Solving on Developing the Mathematical Creative thinking Skills for the Class Teacher Students

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the effect of a teaching strategy based on problem solving on developind the mathematical creative thinking skills for the class teacher students, the sample of the study consisted of (98) students, distributed randomly into two  groups, the control group consisted of (50) students taught by the traditional strategy, and the experimental group consisted of (48) students taught by a strategy based on problem solving.


Ali Alzoubi

JJES, 2014, 10(3) 305- 320

Negative Outcomes of Internet Usage: The Role of Problematic Internet Use, Loneliness and Depression

Abstract: The current study sought to examine the validity of cognitive-behavioral model for problematic Internet use (PIU) (Caplan, 2003; Davis, 2001) in illustrating the relationships between the preference for online social interaction with loneliness, depression and other symptoms of (PIU), and the role of these variables in developing the negative consequences due to Internet use.


Jehad Alaedein

JJES, 2014, 10(3) 321- 335

The Effectiveness of Decision-Making at Academic Departments’ Councils in Jordanian Universities

Abstract: This study aimed to identify the degree of effectiveness of decisions making in the academic departments Councils in Jordanian universities. To achieve the objectives of the study a questionnaire was developed which included (52) items distributed on four domains: participation in decision-making, organizational culture, empowerment, and leadership.


Khalifeh Abu-Ashour

Jameel Shatnawi


JJES, 2014, 10(3) 337- 349

Attachment Patterns and Social Problem Solving among Adolescent Students According to Gender and Age Group

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the most common attachment pattern and the most frequently used social problem solving style  among adolescent students, and exploring whether there are significant differences in attachment patterns and  socail Problem solving styles  according to gender and age group, also the study aimed at investigating the relationship between attachment patterns and social  problem  solving among adolescent  students . The sample consisted of (627) students (260 male, 367 female) according to a convenient method .


Muawiah Abu-Ghazal

Aidah Falwah

JJES, 2014, 10(3)
351- 368

The Effectiveness of a Supervisory Program Based on Discrimination Model in Improving the Counseling Skills among a Sample of Counseling Students at Yarmouk University

Abstract: The study aimed to examine the effectiveness of a supervisory program based on discrimination model in improving the counseling skills among a sample of counseling students at Yarmouk University. The study sample consisted of (30) female students divided into two groups: the experimental group included (15) students, and the control group included (15) students.


Samar Al-Smadi Ra’ed Al-Shawi

JJES, 2014, 10(3)
369- 382

Articles in English                             البحوث باللغة الإنجليزية  



Examining Mathematics and Science Teachers’ Perceptions of their Pedagogical Content knowledge

Abstract: This study aimed at examining mathematics and science teachers’ perceptions of their pedagogical content knowledge, and whether their perceptions vary according to: gender, teaching experience, scientific qualification, and workshop attendance.



Ruba Miqdadi

Wesal Al-Omari


JJES, 2014, 10(3)
383- 394