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Volume 10, No. 4, December  2014, Rabe'a , 1436 H

Articles in Arabic                                    البحوث باللغة العربية



The Relationship between Teachers Awareness for Effectiveness of the Diploma Program of Information and Communication Technology and their Professional Competences in Ajloun Governorate from their Point of View

Abstract: This study aimed to reveal the relationship between teachers awareness for effectiveness of the Diploma program of Information and Communication Technology in the development of professional competence among school teachers from their point of view .


Muneera Al-Shurman

Mohammad Al-Momani

Rabie Al-Momani

JJES, 2014, 10(4) 395 - 409

Resilience Levels and Their Relationship to Academic Adjustment and Achievement among Graduates of Orphanages

Abstract: This study examines resilience levels in relation to academic adjustment and achievement among a sample of (195) students enrolled in undergraduate, community college, and vocational programs. Respondents were distributed into two group (Childcare center graduates, n= 92 , and students of normal families, n=103).


Ahmad Alsheikh Ali

JJES, 2014,10(4)   411- 430


Moral Judgment and Its Relationship to the Level of Optimism and Pessimism among Yarmouk University Students

Abstract: The study aimed to identify the moral judgment, optimism and pessimism level, among Yarmouk University students, as well as to reveal the relationship between moral judgment, optimism and pessimism, and the statistical significant differences (α =0.05) in the levels of moral judgment, optimism and pessimism, by gender and specialization variables.


Manar Banimustafa

Tamer Makaldi

JJES,  2014, 10(4) 431- 444

The Effect of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy on Improving Critical Listening Skills of Ninth Grade Students at Zarqa Directorate

Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the effect of Reciprocal Teaching strategy on improving Critical Listening skills of ninth grade students. To achieve the aim of the study the researcher designed a test consisted of (25) multiple choice items to measure critical listening skills.


Ayed Abu Serhan

JJES, 2014, 10(4) 445- 457

Safe Boundaries in Teaching the Sex-Related Topics in Biology Textbooks as Perceived by Biology Teachers in the Northern Region of Jordan

Abstract: This research aims at identifying the safe boundaries for teaching sex-related topics in basic and secondary stage biology textbooks as perceived by biology teachers in the northern region of Jordan.  It further aims at determining the potential effects of gender and years of experience on the teachers' estimation of these safe boundaries.


Mahmoud Bani Khalaf

Hazem Ride Anagreh

Zeyad Abdul-Kareem Jarrah

 JJES, 2014, 10(4) 459- 474

Creative Self Efficacy among Gifted Students and Their Teachers in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at verifying the creative self-efficacy for gifted students and their teachers in Jordan through the studying of the relationship between creative self-efficacy (CSE) among students and teachers, and how it differs according to their gender, classrooms, and teachers’ specializations.


Ahmad Al-Zoubi

JJES, 2014, 10(4) 475- 488

Spatial Ability and its Relationship  to Creative Thinking and Achievement Hijjawi Engineering Technology Students

Abstract: This study aimed at measuring Spatial Ability and its Relationship  to Creative Thinking and Achievement of Hijjawi Engineering Technology Students. To achieve the goals of the study, paper - Folding Test and Cutting Test were used, as well as the of verbal TTCT (Form A).


Rafe’a Al-Zghoul

Khaldoun Al- Dababi

JJES, 2014, 10(4)
489- 501

Identifying Behavioral Problems among Students with Learning Disabilities and its Relationship with Their Social Competencies from Their Teachers' and Peers' Point View

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying behavioral problems among students with learning disabilities and its relationship with their social competencies from their teachers' and peers' point view.  The sample of the study consisted of (135) students with learning disabilities enrolled in resource rooms in public schools in south Jordan for the academic year 2013/2014.


Hisham Almakanin

      Bassam Alabdallat

Hussain Alnjadat

JJES, 2014, 10(4)
503- 516

The Role of the Jordanian Universities in Supporting the Values of Citizenship

Abstract: The study aimed to investigate The role of the Jordanian universities in supporting the  values of citizenship from the faculty members perspective, The study sample  included (371) faculty in the humanitarian and scientific colleges, in the Jordanian universities (Yarmouk, Al-Albiet, Jadara, Irbid private university). who were chosen randomly.


Ismat Alaqeel

Hassan Alhyary

JJES, 2014, 10(4)
517- 529