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Volume 11, No. 3, September 2015, , 1436 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

Modeling the Causal Relationship between Self-Directed Learning Skills, Learning Styles and Academic Achievement of the Community College Students at King Saud University

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the direct and indirect effects of self-directed learning skills, learning styles and academic achievement through modeling the causal relationship between them. To achieve this aim, the researcher applied Williamsonís self-rating scale of self-directed learning (2007) and Entwistle and Taitís (1994) adjusted learning style scale to a random sample of (140) students of the Community College at King Saud University.



Khaled Alotaibi

 JJES,11(3) 2015       113-127


Moral Reasoning Development and its Relationship to Eudemonic Well-Being and Positive Social Behavior

Abstract: This study aimed to identify the Moral Reasoning of all the Eudemonic Well-Being of Positive Social Behavior. A random sample of 237 students was selected from the undergraduates in the College of Education at Al-Baha University, Saudi Arabia. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher used the Moral Reasoning Development scale, Eudemonic Well-Being, and the measure of Positive Social Behavior.


Yusef Migdady

JJES,11(3) 2015       269-284


Academic Achievement Constraints among General Secondary Students as Perceived by Passed and Non- Passed Students, and Their Parents

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the constraints related to academic achievement among general secondary students as perceived by passed and non- passed students, and their parents in Irbid governorate during the academic year 2014/2015, and whether there would be statistical differences due to the variables of: student's gender, place of residence and study stream.


Hamzah Rababeh

JJES,11(3) 2015       285-301


Psychosocial Adaptation in a Sample of Students with Visual Disabilities in Mainstream and Regular Schools

Abstract: This study aims to find the differences between the merged visually impaired students who are in built-in schools and regular schools, according to their scores on the psychosocial adaption scale through dividing the study sample of (50) visually impaired students (8th, 9th and10th grades) into two groups; mixed in mainstream schools and visually impaired specialized schools in (2014/2015).


Leen Al- Hattab

JJES,11(3) 2015       303- 317


Unemployment Anxiety and its Relationship to Effective Self-efficacy among Final Year Students at Al- Quds University

Abstract: The study aimed to investigate the level of unemployment anxiety among senior students at Al- Quds University in light of some variables such as sex, faculty, and academic attainment, as well as the relationship between them.


Iyad Ishtaya Mohammed Shaheen

JJES,11(3) 2015       319- 330 

Causal Model of the Relationship among Causal Attribution Behavior of Learned Helplessness and Academic Adjustment

Abstract: This study aimed at detecting the causal relations between causal attribution, learned helplessness and academic adjustment through a proposed model based on cognitive principles using Path Analysis to explain academic adjustment.


Nadaa Iedaly
Rafea Zghoul

JJES,11(3) 2015       331-343

Identity Styles and Delay of Gratification among Omani Students

Abstract: The aim of the study is to explore identity processing styles and delay of gratification and whether academic delay can be predicted from identity styles , gender and level of education among 11th and 12th grade pupils and university students in Oman The sample included 495 (331 from grades 11 and 12 and 164 SQU students) who completed the identity style orientation scale by Berzonsky measuring four dimensions (informational, normative, avoidance and diffuse) and the delay of gratification scale. The validity and reliability of both scales were obtained.


Abdulqawi Alzubaidi Ali Mahdi Kazem
Basma Al-Balushi

JJES,11(3) 2015       345- 355

The Effecting of Skillful Thinking Training on Decision- Making Skills among Early Adolecense Stage Pupils

Abstract: Since Swartz' model of skillful thinking assumes that developing analytical thinking, critical thinking, and creative thinking improves decision-making skills, the current study aims to investigate the effect of a training program based on Swartz' model on developing the decision- Making skills on a sample of seventh - grade students at Zarqa city.


Saleh Al Hajahjeh
Ahmad Alzig

JJES,11(3) 2015       357- 372

The Effect of Token Reinforcement on Reducing Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders among Students with Learning Disabilities

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of Token reinforcement on reducing symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) among students with learning disabilities (LD). The sample of the study consisted of (17) LD students from Najran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The sample was distributed randomly into two groups (control and experimental).

  Suhail Al-Zoubi
Mohammed Al-Qahtani

JJES,11(3) 2015       373- 386

An Evaluation of the National Interactive Kindergarten Curriculum, the Document of the General Framework and the General and Specific Outcomes for the Kindergarten Curriculum of Children with Hearing Impairments from Their Teachers' Perspectives: A Qualitative Study

Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the national interactive kindergarten curriculum and the document of the general framework and the general and specific outcomes for the kindergarten curriculum of children with hearing impairments from their teachers' perspectives during the academic year (2014/2015).

  Eman Al-Zboon

JJES,11(3) 2015        387- 402