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Volume 11, No. 4, December 2015,  1437 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

The Level of Metacognitive Thinking and Wisdom among a Sample of University Students and the Relationship Between Them

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the level of metacognitive thinking and wisdom among a sample of university students and the relationship between them. The sample consisted of (301) male and female undergraduate students: (149) females and (152) males from the scientific and humanistic colleges. The Arabic version of (Schraw and Dennison, 1994) scale was used along with the Arabic version of the wisdom scale developed (Brown and Greene, 2006).



Mohammad Sherideh

 JJES,11(4) 2015       403-415


Reasons for the Reluctance of Faculty Members at Yarmouk University in the Use of E-learning System on the University’s Web Site from Their Point of View

Abstract: This study aimed to explore the perceptions of the faculty members towards the reasons for their reluctance to use the University e-learning system. To collect the data for the study, the researcher developed a (19) item questionnaire. The sample consisted of (200) faculty members selected randomly from the (963) members working at the various faculties in the University.


Mohammad Al-Omari

JJES,11(4) 2015       417-426


The Big Five Personality Traits in Relation with Job Satisfaction among UNRWA Teachers in the Educational Area of Irbid

Abstract: This study aimed at recognizing the relation between the big five personality traits and the job satisfaction among UNRWA schools in the educational area of Irbid. The study also aimed at identifying the most common personality trait and the degree of job satisfaction according to the variables of sex, teaching experience, qualification, and the grades that are taught by UNRWA teachers.


Nafez Ahmad Abed Bukaiei

JJES,11(4) 2015       427-447


Life Satisfaction and Perceived Social Support and the Relationship Between them among a Sample of Breast Cancer Patients

Abstract: This study aimed to reveal the life satisfaction and perceived social support level and the relationship between them among breast cancer patients. The sample of the study consisted of (215) breast cancer patients. The results of the study showed that breast cancer patients have medium level of life satisfaction, and there are statistically significant differences in the life satisfaction due to the variables of age, marital status, educational level, the stage of treatment, and the duration of the disease.


Rami Abdalla Tashtoush

JJES,11(4) 2015       449- 467


The Effect of Electronic Mind Mapping Technique on the Enhancement of English Reading Comprehension Among Ninth Grade Students

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the effect of using the electronic mind-mapping technique (iMindMap) on the enhancement of reading comprehension in English among the ninth grade students in Irbid public schools in Jordan.


Hamed M. Al-Awidi

Younes Jaradat

JJES,11(4) 2015       469- 480 

The Role of Web Quest in the Teaching of Geography in Developing Awareness of the First Secondary Class Female Students in Some Global Environmental Problems and Their Attitudes Towards Them

Abstract: The study aimed at investigating the effect of Web Quest strategy in geography teaching to develop the awareness of first secondary class female students about some global environmental problems and their attitudes towards it.


Reham Refaat

JJES,11(4) 2015       481-496

Epistemological Beliefs According to the Need for Cognition and Gender among a Sample of Secondary Stage Students at Ajloun Governorate

Abstract: The present study aimed at revealing the level of epistemological beliefs, and identifying the impact of the need for cognition and gender on epistemological beliefs among public schools’ students at Ajloun Governorate.


Abdellatief Al-Momani

Qasem Khazali

JJES,11(4) 2015       497- 509

The Reality of Using Co-Curricular Model-Based Teaching Strategies Activities by the Teachers of Physics with its Practice Specifications

Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the reality of using co-curricular model-based teaching strategies activities by the teachers of physics along with its practice specifications. Such usage was investigated as being verified in light of gender, teaching experience, and scientific qualifications of the teachers understudy.


Wesal Al-Omary

JJES,11(4) 2015       511- 523

The Effect of Oral Education and Electronic Storytelling Strategies in Teaching Islamic Education on Improving Imagination Skills among Basic Stage Female Students in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the effect of oral and electronic storytelling strategies in teaching Islamic education on Improving imagination skills of female students at basic stage schools in Jordan. The study involved a sample of 90 female basic stage fifth graders from three public schools chosen purposefully at Markah Educational District in Amman.


Taqwa Afif Attili

Hamdan Ali Nusr

JJES,11(4) 2015       525- 537

Learned Helplessness and Its Relationship to Goal Orientations and Implicit Theory of Intelligence

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate learned helplessness and its relationship to goal orientations and implicit theory of intelligence. To achieve the study goals, learned helplessness, goal orientation and implicit theory of intelligence scales were used on a sample consisting of 348 male and female students from Yarmouk University.


Refaeh Taieh

Rafe Zghoul

JJES,11(4) 2015        539- 554



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