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Volume 12, No. 1, March 2016,  1437 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

The Effect of Using McCarthy Model in Improving Reflective Thinking and Science Achievement for Grade 6th Basic Female Students

Abstract: This study aimed to investigate the effect of using McCarthy Model in development reflective thinking and science achievement among grade 6th female students.


Eman Alhadaybeh  Abdullah Ambusaedy

 JJES,12 (1), 2016 1-15

Effectiveness of Employment Internet Technologies in Educational Supervision in Private Schools in Amman

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the degree of effectiveness of employment Internet technologies in educational supervision in private schools in Amman.


Heba Abu Aeadeh  Saleh Ababneh

JJES,12(1),2016       17- 30

Cognitive Dissonance and Social Responsibility among The Hashemite University Students in the Light of the Variables of Gender and College

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the cognitive dissonance level and its relationship with social responsibility among the Hashemite University students according to the variables of the gender and the college.


Thuraya Salameh  Thaer Ghbari

JJES,12(1),2016       31- 43

The Effect of Using the Writing Processes Approach in Enhancing the Writing Skills of Essay and Thought among Female Class Teacher Students at Yarmouk University

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the effect of using the writing processes approach in enhancing the writing skills among the Female Class Teacher students at Yarmouk University.


Raed Khodair

JJES,12(1),2016       45- 58


the Effectiveness of two Counseling Programs in Reducing the Symptoms of Social Phobia Disorder among Freshmen Students at Yarmouk University

Abstract: This study aimed to measure the effectiveness of two counseling programs in reducing the symptoms of social phobia disorder among freshmen students at Yarmouk University.


Ahmad Gazo     Qassim Samour

JJES,12(1),2016       59- 69 

The Ability of Item Parameters as Predictors of Item Fit Index According to Item Response Theory (IRT)

Abstract: This study aimed at inspecting the ability of item parameters difficulty, discrimination, and guessing as predictors of item fit index () according to item response theory (IRT).


Rana Momani
JJES,12(1),2016       71-84

Perceived Social Support among Breast Cancer Patients in the light of some Variabels

Abstract: This study aimed to reveal the level of the perceived social support of breast cancer patients. The sample of the study consisted of (220) patients who attend antenatal clinics and who participate in psychological support program and under treatment at King Hussein Cancer Center in the capital Amman.


Hanan Al-shagran Yasmin Al-karaki

JJES,12(1),2016       85- 100

The Application Degree of the Standards of U.S. National Council of Accreditation for teachers (NCATE) in the Faculty of Education at Taif University

Abstract: The current study aimed to identify the degree of practicing the NCATE Standards at the Faculty of Education at Al-Taif University.


Layla Abu Ola
                    JJES,12(1),2016       101- 115

Articles in English


البحوث بالإنجليزية

Special Education Teachers’ Perceived Self-Efficacy
in Teaching Students with Disabilities
in Sultanate of Oman and United Arab Emirates

Abstract:The purpose of the current study was to investigate the level of self-efficacy of special education teachers in teaching students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms.


Jalal Hussien Abdelhafez  Al-Shayeb and Ibrahim Al-Qaryouti

JJES,12(1),2016       117- 126

Measuring Quality of Life (QOL) of Parents of Children with Disabilities in the State of Kuwait:
An Exploratory Study of Parents’ Perceptions

Abstract:A great recognition is recently devoted to the importance of measuring (QOL) of children with disabilities Quality of Life (QOL). This recognition is considered essential in the Arab world.


Tagreed  Al Refaie and Naser Al Mowaizri

JJES,12(1),2016     127- 135


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