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Volume 12, No. 2, June 2016,  1437 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

The Effect of Text Structure Instruction on Improving Tenth Grade Female Students’ Expository Writing


Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the effect of text structure instruction on tenth grade female students’ expository writing in Jordan. The researchers prepared a list that included sections of expository writing; which are (introduction, body, conclusion, and writing style)


Almaza Khataibeh

Naser M. Magableh


JJES,12 (2), 2016, 137-154


Construct a Strategy Combines Two Strategies Based on the Constructivist Principles and Measure its Effect on Acquisition of Environmental Concepts Among Ninth Basic Grade Students and Development of their Attitudes Towards Environment


Abstract: This study aimed to construct a strategy that combines (POE) and (KWL) strategies which are based on the principles of constructivist theory—called the built-in strategy (PK, OW, EL); this study also investigated the effect of this strategy on acquisition of environmental concepts among ninth grade students and improving their attitudes towards environment.


Fareed Al-Alaween

Ahmad Al- Ayasrah


JJES,12 (2), 2016, 155-167

The Role of the Jordanian Educational System in Reducing the Negative Impact of the Means of Modern Communication Technology on the Education of Youth People from the Perspective of their Teachers


Abstract: This study aimed to identify the role of the Jordanian educational system to reduce the negative impact of the modern communication technology on the education of youth people.



Mohammad Al-Zboun Nariman Atiah

JJES,12 (2),2016, 169-180

Prevailing Leadership Styles by School Principals in Jordan According to Goleman's Model of Leadership


Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify the dominant leadership style adopted by school principals in Qasabet Irbid, based on Goleman’s model of leadership, and as perceived by teachers. The study employed a random sample of (216) teachers of public and private schools in Irbid.


Mohammad Bani Hani

Amera Mustafa

JJES,12(2),2016, 181-193

Derivation of Performance Norms for the Jordanian Arabic Version of the Gilliam Autism Spectrum Disorder Rating Scale for Ages 3 To 13 Years (Second Edition)


Abstract:  This study aimed to derivative the norms for the Jordanian Arabic Version of the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS-2) which was developed it for Jordanian Environment (AL Jabery, 2008).


Eman Alsqour

Haidar Zaza

JJES,12(2),2016, 195-207

The Effect of Jigsaw II Cooperative Learning Strategy on Developing Social Tolerance Among a Sample of 10th Basic Grade Students at Irbid City


Abstract: The current study aimed to reveal the effectiveness of the Jigsaw II cooperative learning strategy on developing the social tolerance among a sample of 10th grade students at Irbid city.


Qasem Khazali

Abdellateef Momani Mohammad Melhem

JJES,12(2),2016, 209-221

The Effect of an Instructional Program Based on the Principles of "Risk" on Achievement and Critical Thinking Skills in Islamic Education Course of the Eighth Grade Students in Jordan

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the effect of an instructional program based on the principles of "RISK" on achievement and critical thinking skills in Islamic education course of the eighth grade students.



Gada Alakool

Khaled Alsoaudi

JJES,12(2),2016, 223- 237

The Reasons of Students Failure in the General Secondary Exam in Ma'an Governorate from the Teachers, principals and Education Supervisors, Point of View 

Abstract: The present study was conducted to identify the reasons of students’ failure in the General Secondary Exam in Ma'an Governorate from the teachers, principals and educational supervisors point of view.


Odeh Murad

Khaled Aldaseen

Omar Mahasneh

JJES,12(2),2016, 239- 254

The Role of Public Schools Principals Inside the Green Line in Teachers' Empowerment and its Relationship with Some Demographic Variables From Teachers' Point of View

Abstract: The study aimed at examining the role played by public schools principals inside the Green Line in teachers' empowerment and its relationship with some demographic variables Teachers' point of View.


Nadia Abu Tu'mah

Mohammed Ashour

JJES,12(2),2016, 255- 267

Degree of Parents' Satisfaction About the Level of Educational Services Provided to Children with Learning Disabilities in Resource Rooms within the Mainstreaming Program in Jordan and Factors Influencing Their Satisfaction

Abstract: This study aimed to examine parent satisfaction about the effectiveness of educational services in the resource room provided to students with learning disabilities (LD) at primary stage in Jordan.


Kholoud Al-Dababneh


JJES,12(2),2016, 269- 286


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