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Volume 12, No. 3, September  2016,  1437 H

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البحوث بالعربية

Psychological Stresses among Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) According to Some Medical and Demographical Variables 


Abstract: This study aimed to determine the level of psychological stress among patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Two hundred seventy five patients of IBS were selected by the convenient sample from different hospitals and health centers in Irbid, Jordan. To collect data, a scale of Psychological Stress Measures prepared by Lemyre & Tessier (2003) was used, after it was arabicized by the researchers; validity and reliability of the scales were ensured. Results of the study revealed that the level of psychological stress was high, and there were significant differences due to type of colon, in favor of frequent diarrhea, and there were significant differences due to duration of disease in favor of the duration (1 year – less than 5 years). In light of the findings of the study, the researchers suggested a number of recommendations including staying away from things that increase symptoms such as stress, anxiety, or other psychological pressure, or foods that irritate colon.


Fawwaz A. Momani

Salam Lafi Amareen



JJES,12 (3), 2016, 287-302



Effectiveness of a Program of Teaching Science Based on Environmental Approach in Reinforcing Children's Environmental Awareness


Abstract: The present study was designed to examine the effectiveness of a teaching program based on environmental approach in reinforcing children's environmental awareness. To achieve this, research instruments were developed after verifying their validity and reliability. These instruments consisted of a teaching program, an environmental awareness scale, and a semi-structured interview. Sixty children participated in this study. They were divided into two groups: the experimental group (n=30) was taught through a teaching program, and the control group (n=30) was taught through normal method. The findings of the study revealed that the subjects of the study in the experimental group scored the highest means. In parallel, the subjects of the control group scored the lowest means. Thus, statistically significant differences were found between the two groups. These differences were in favor of the experimental group. Moreover, the findings of the semi-structured interview showed that children developed a variety of environmental awareness features such as: preserving the forest wealth, solving the problem of waste accumulation, maintaining livestock, and awareness of the proper use of pesticides.


Ali Al-Barakat

Hanaa Al-Wydian


JJES,12 (3), 2016, 303-320


School Connectedness among Adolescent Students According to Gender and Age Group


Abstract: This study aims at detecting the level of school connectedness among adolescent students, and whether this level varies according to students’ gender or age group. The sample consisted of (506) Students (260 females, 241 males) selected using the randomized cluster sampling. School connectedness scale was developed to achieve the study goals. The descriptive method was used for data analysis. The results showed that participants exhibited a high level of the total school connectedness and its subdomains (attachment to teacher, attachment to classmates, school commitment, attachment to school and school involvement). Significant differences were found in the level of total school connectedness due to age group in favor of (12- 14), but no significant differences were found due to gender, and interaction between gender and age group. Also, the result showed significant differences in involvement domain in favor of males, and in favor of female in attachment to classmates, commitment, and attachment to school. Moreover, significant differences were found in attachment to teacher, attachment to school, and involvement due to age group in favor of (12- 14). With regard to the interaction between gender and age group, the results showed that significant differences in the school involvement domain was in favor of male students in age group (12-14).


Muawiah Abu Ghazal



JJES,12 (3),2016, 321-334


Constructivist Learning Practices among Elementary Islamic Education Teachers in Jordan


Abstract: This study aimed to explore Islamic education teachers' constructivist learning practices and its relation with some variables. The sample of the study consisted of thirty teachers specialized in Islamic education (2015/2016). The researcher designed an observation instrument which consisted of (37) items to collect the data about constrctivist learning environment. The findings revealed that the constructivist learning practices of Islamic education teachers have not developed to a high level of practice, but they have achieved a moderate and low degree. Moreover, it was found that there is no relation between the prospect constructivist teaching practices and teachers' experience, gender or their academic qualifications. Some recommendations were derived.


Intisar G. Mustafeh


JJES,12(3),2016, 335-347

The Influence of Online Professional Learning Communities on Science Teachers' Understanding of Nature of Science and itsTeaching Practices


Abstract: This study investigated online professional learning communities' program on improving science teachers' understanding of Nature of Science and teaching practices; and determined the factors that influenced the effectiveness of the program. A qualitative approach with case study design was used; data was collected from multiple sources: the Myths of Science Questionnaire, semi- structured interviews, and self-reflection reports. The research sample included six female teachers from middle schools in Riyadh. Results showed an improvement in teachers' understanding of NOS aspects related to scientific knowledge, scientific methods of inquiry, and scientific enterprise; and improved their understanding of its teaching practices. The results showed that most developed aspects of NOS were: relationship between scientific theories and laws, scientific knowledge is tentative, the lack of a scientific method with specific steps, and influence of subjectivity (theory-laden). Several factors influenced the effectiveness of the professional learning community program, they included: discussion, reflection, and teaching experiments.


Zinab A. Alzayed

Sozan H. Omar

JJES,12(3),2016, 349-362


The Level of Alternative Concepts Among Tenth Grade Students in Jordanian Public Schools, Private Schools and the Schools of Excellence


Abstract: The study aimed to investigate the level of alternative concepts among tenth grade students in Jordanian public schools, private schools and the schools of excellence. The study sample consisted of (388) male and female students, subjected to a developed test of alternative conceptions. The findings showed that the public school students had a high level of alternative conceptions compared to private schools students, and students of the schools of excellence, respectively. Moreover, males had a high level of alternative conceptions compared to females. In addition, the students of these schools shared in (63.88 %) of alternative conceptions. In light of these findings, some recommendations were the need to focus on the understanding of scientific concepts in the processes of learning and education, and on work to evaluate constantly. (Keywords: Students Grade 10, Public Schools, Private Schools, Schools of Excellence, Alternative Concepts).


Shirin R. Buzoor

Mahmoud Bani Khalaf


JJES,12(3),2016, 363-374

Reading Motivation and its Relationship to Classroom Social Environment among Intermediate Basic Stage Students in Irbid Governorate

Abstract: This study aimed at exploring the reading motivation level among intermediate stage students in Irbid Governorate, and finding out whether such a level is affected by the variables of class, gender and their interaction, and its relationship to classroom social environment. The sample of the study consisted of (574) fifth, sixth and seventh basic stage male and female students in Irbid Governorate who were chosen by the means of stratified random sampling procedures. In order to achieve the aim of the study, two scales were used. The first was Baker and Wigfield's (1999) scale (MRQ) which comprised of (49) items as covering eleven domains. The second, however, was the classroom social environment scale which was developed by the researchers as covering (28) items and distributed on seven domains. The findings of the study reported that the reading motivation level was high. Also, the study reported statistically significant differences on students' overall reading motivation levels and across its sub-domains that were credited to classroom variable in favor of the fifth grade, in addition to differences in the overall reading motivation level and its sub-domains that were credited to gender variable in favor of female students. What's more, the present study showed appositive correlational relationship between reading motivation level and classroom social environment, where (teacher's academic support domain) was the utmost predictor of students' reading motivation. 


Raed M. Khodair

Muawiah Abu Ghazal


JJES,12(3),2016, 375-396

The Degree of Practicing the Representative System in Administrative Communication and its Relationship with the Administrative Performance Effectiveness for Public School Principals in Irbid Governorate

Abstract: This study aimed to find out the degree of practicing the representative system in the administrative communication and its relationship with the administrative performance effectiveness for the public school principals in Irbid governorate. The research used the surveying descriptive (Correlative) design. The research sample consisted of (211) principals , chosen with a random way from the study population which consists of (576) principals. For the study’s purposes , researchers have developed the questionnaire after validity and reliability was assured; it consists of (45) items divided on the administrative performance and the representative system. The results have showed that the level of representative system in administrative communication was middle, and administrative performance effectiveness of the public school principals was middle, as it showed a difference with statistical significance are due to: the scientific qualified variable and to estimates of the directors who have the scientific qualified (BAC and DIP, MAS) as for the administrative experience variable for their estimates, they have the administrative experience more than (10 years).


Mariam A. Abd Al-Aal

Kayed M. Salameh



JJES,12(3),2016, 397- 414



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