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Volume 12, No. 4, Desember  2016,  1438 H

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البحوث بالعربية

The Relationship Between Alexithymia and Parental Styles, Socioeconomic Status, Family Size, and Gender

Abstract: The study aimed to examine the relationship between alexithymia and parental styles, socio-economic status, family size, and gender, among undergraduate sample from college of educational sciences, at the University of Jordan, consisted of (260) students (28 male, 232 female), selected randomly by sections. To achieve the study aims, the twenty-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20), and Perception of Parents Scale (POP) were applied, after verifying their validity and reliability.


Nasima Dawoud



JJES,12 (4), 2016, 415-434



The Effectiveness of a Counseling Program Based on Psychodrama in Reducing Disruptive Behavior and Developing Social Skills Among Learning Disabled Students in Bani-Obeid District

Abstract: This study aimed at finding out the effectiveness of psychodrama based counseling program in reducing disruptive behavior and the development of social skills among learning disabled students at Bani-obeid district. The study was carried out on a sample of (24) male learning disabilities students, who were assigned to two equal groups (12) for the experimental and (12) for the control group. To achieve the study aims, this study used two scales: one for measuring disruptive behavior and another for measuring social skills were constructed as well as a psychodrama based counseling program was developed. Means, standard deviations, MANCOVA and ANCOVA were used in data analysis.


Ashraf Yacoub


Shafiq Alawneh


JJES,12 (4), 2016, 435-454


Adoption of Next Generation Science Standards to Design a Content on Heredity for Eighth Grade Students in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed at including the next generation science standards (NGSS) in a designed content on the topic of heredity for the eighth grade students in Jordan. In order to achieve this aim, a suggested model for the alignment between the content and the standards was used for designing and constructing the content. To determine the extent of alignment, a special scale was constructed. The scale consists of (15) paragraphs; each one of them represents a platform of the standards. The response on the scale is based on a Quad calibrator. The scale was applied on a sample of (13) experts in science education in Jordan. The results showed that the degree of alignment is 84% which is considered relatively high.


Ghazi Rawagah


Amal Al-Momani



JJES,12 (4),2016, 455-467


The Perceptions of Faculty Members and Students on the Effectiveness of Computerized Tests in the Teaching and Learning Process at Yarmouk University

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the perceptions of faculty members and students about computerized tests in the teaching and learning process at Yarmouk University. A stratified-clustered sample of 120 faculty members and 380 students was selected. A questionnaire consisting of 27 items was administered to the selected sample. The results revealed that the perceptions of faculty and students were moderate. The study results also revealed a statistically significant difference between faculty and student perceptions attributed to respondents' "status", in favor of students, and a significant difference regarding the college variable favoring the Humanities Faculties.


Mohammad Al-Omari


Yousef Eyadat


JJES,12(4),2016, 469-478

The Academic Freedom for Faculty Members at Al-Balqa University Collegies in North Jordan

Abstract: The study aimed to identify the degree of academic freedom for faculty members in north jordan at Al-Balqa University Collegies. To achieve the objectives of this study, a questionnaire was used after determining its validity and reliability. The study population consisted of (373) faculty members, out of which (170) members were selected in a relatively equal stratified random sample manner. The analysis of the data, showed that the general arithmetic mean of the degrees of academic freedom by the faculty members was moderate, where the mean was (2.67) with a standard deviation of (1.13). The practice of academic freedom in the domain of decision making participation was on the top with a mean of (2.85), followed by the field of society service with a moderate mean of (2.75), then the field of scientific research with a moderate mean of (2.73), and finally the field of teaching with a moderate mean of (2.59). It was also found that there were statistically significant differences, in the sample responses ( =0.05), with respect to gender in favor of males.


Mahmoud Al-Ajlouni

JJES,12(4),2016, 479-494


The Degree of Importance and Practice of Leadership Regarding "Leadership DNA" Model for Public Secondary School Principals in Zarqa Governorate as Perceived By their Teachers

Abstract: The study aimed to identify the degree of importance and practice of leadership for school principals in Zarqa Governorate in regards to the "Leadership DNA Model" as perceived by teachers. The sample consisted of (280) teachers chosen stratified randomly. The questionnaires consisted of four dimensions, each dimension consisted of three fields. Results showed that the degree of importance of leadership was high, and the practice was average regarding to the "Leadership DNA model". There were no significant differences in the average differences among sample responses to the degree of importance and practice of leadership due to the respondents’ sex, educational qualification, and experience in education.


Aieman Al-Omari


Mohammed Abu-Alaia


JJES,12(4),2016, 495-512

Possession of Service Providers in Early Intervention Programs for the 21st Century Knowledge and Skills at Sultanate of Oman

Abstract: The main purpose of this research is to identify the 21st century knowledge and skills among service providers in early intervention programs and whether there are any significant differences in possession in the 21st century knowledge and skills among service providers across demographic characteristics. A survey methodology with quantitative research design was used using the 21st century knowledge and skills survey. The samples of this study consisted of service providers (64) in early intervention programs in Oman. The results revealed the following: more than 90% of service providers possess a little level about the 21st century knowledge and skills. Learning and innovation skills were the lowest. There were significant differences in possession in the 21st century knowledge and skills among service providers which were obtained across qualification in favor of Master and Doctorate. There were no significant differences across major or experience.


Ahmad Alfawair


JJES,12(4),2016, 513-525

The Effectiveness of Organizing the Content of a Grammar Unit Due to the Reigeluth Expansion Theory on the Achievements of Some Grammatical Concepts Among Tenth Graders in Gaza

Abstract: The study aims to know the effectiveness of organizing the content of a grammar unit due to Reigeluth expansion theory on the achievements of some grammatical concepts among tenth graders in Gaza. The study uses the quasi-experimental approach. The sample of the study consists of (72) tenth grade students; they are divided into two groups: The experimental which includes (36) students who learned the grammar unit based on the Reigeluth expansion theory and the control one which includes (36) students who learned the same unit in the usual method. And after applying the grammatical concepts test, the results of the study revealed the existence of significant differences between mean scores of experimental and control groups in the post application to test the grammatical concepts, in favor of the experimental group, and the presence of statistically significant differences between the mean scores of the experimental group in the two applications of pre- and post- grammatical concepts test in favor of the post application. This indicates the effectiveness of applying Reigeluth theory to achieve grammatical concepts.


Fathee Kloub


Jamal Alfleet



JJES,12(4),2016, 527- 538



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