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Volume 13, No. 1, March 2017, 1438 H

Articles in Arabic             البحوث باللغة العربية



Cognitive Biases Among Yarmouk University Students in Reation to Gender and Academic Achievement

Firas al-Hamouri


 JJES,  2017, 13(1) 1-14

The Effectiveness of a Relational Needs Training Program in Reducing Bullying Behavior and Promoting Social Interest Among a Sample of Adolescent Students

Fadi Nazih Hamdi, & Hussein Al Sharah


JJES,  2017, 13(1) 15-29

The Effect of Group Counseling Program In Decreasing Anxiety And Depression Among Children of Mothers with Chronic Illness

Jehad Alaedein and Amal Quzq 


JJES,  2017, 13(1)  31-45 

The Effect of Using Bybee's Constructive Model on the Acquisition of Jurisprudence Concepts, Developing Habits of Mind and Self Learning Motivation in Islamic Education Course Among Eighth Basic Grade Female Students in Jordan

Sahar Hasan and Khalid Al-Saudi


JJES,  2017, 13(1)  47-61

The Effectiveness of a Counseling  Program Based on Adlerian Approach in Improving Self-Disclosure and Conflict Management Among a Sample of  Engaged Male Teachers in Zarqa District

Ziad M. Alkhazaleh and Mohammad Bani Younes


JJES,  2017, 13(1)  63-83

The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Meichenbaum Model in Reducing the Desire for Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Level Among Addicts

Jalal Al Mukhaini and Nazih Hamdi


 JJES,  2017, 13(1)  85-98

The Effectiveness of Using Flipped Classroom Strategy Program in the Development of Evaluation Competencies and Habits of Mind for the Student-Teacher in Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

Ilham Shalabi 


 JJES,  2017, 13(1)  99-118

The Effectiveness of a Group Counseling Program on Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Study Habits Among a Sample of High Achievers at the Faculty of Education- Najran University

Burhan Hamadneh


 JJES,  2017, 13(1) 119-131