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Volume 13, No. 2, June 2017, Ramadan 1438 H

Articles in Arabic             البحوث باللغة العربية



Quality of Life and Self-Esteem Among Diabetic Patients
in Jordan

Abstract: This study aimed to reveal the quality of life and self-esteem levels and the relationship between them among diabetics in Jordan. The sample of the study consisted of (360) male and female diabetic patients type II. To achieve the aims of the study, the researchers used the World Health Organization Quality of Life and Rosenberg’s self-esteem scale. Results revealed a high level on both of life quality and self-esteem for diabetic patients, and statistically significant differences in the quality of life due to the variables of gender, educational qualification, and the duration of the disease.


Rami Tashtoush and
Mohammed Kechar

 JJES,  2017, 13(2) 133-151

The Saudi First Classes Teachers' Perspectives About the Theoretical Models of Teaching Reading

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the Saudi first classes teachers' perspectives about the theoretical models of teaching reading, if there any difference according to the variables of gender, experience, specialization, and qualification. To achieve the aims of the study (The Deford Theoretical Orientation To Reading Profile( was used, that consisted of (28) items distributed on three models (Phonics, Skills, and Whole language approach models). The sample of the study consisted of (344) first classes teachers randomly selected from the schools of Al-Qurrayat Governorate in Saudi Arabia during academic year 2015/2016.


Mohammad Al-Khawaldeh

and Baeq Al-Shamari

JJES,  2017,  13(2)153-169

The Effectiveness of a Cognitive Behavioral Counseling Program on Reducing Learned Helplessness and Improving Resilience of Abused Children

Abstract:This study aimed at finding out the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral counseling program on reducing learned helplessness and improving resilience of abused children in public schools in Bani Kananah District.

The study was carried out on a sample of (30) male Abused Children students, who were assigned to two equal groups, (15) for the experimental, and (15) for the control group. To achieve the study aims, three scales: Learned Helplessness, Resilience, and Abused Children were constructed, as well as a Cognitive Behavioral Counseling Program was developed.


Salah Al-Damen       and       Qasem Samour

 JJES,  2017, 13(2) 171-191 

The Effect of an Instructional Program  Based on Reciprocal Teaching  in Solving Mathematical Problems and Critical Thinking Skills Among Students in Elementary Schools  According to Their Acheivement Levels

Abstract:The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of an instructional program based on the reciprocal teaching strategy on mathematical problems solving and critical thinking skills among students in elementary schools in Jordan in the light of their achievement levels. The number of the study sample was 74 students divided into two sections. The first section was taught in the traditional way, while the second one was taught through reciprocal teaching strategy. An instructional program based on reciprocal teaching was constructed. The study tools used were mathematical problems solving test and critical thinking test.


Lana Arafa and
Ahmad Miqdadi

JJES,  2017,  13(2) 193-208

Disturbances of Articulation and Speech Disorders Among Primary Students in Jordan in Relation to Some Variables

Abstract: This study aimed to examine the relationship between speech disorders and anxiety, Speech phobia, depression, and acceptance – rejection by parents. The study also aims to examine the differences between the primary students stage in Jordan. Finally, it discusses the possibility of predict speech disorders through the previous changes.The study sample consisted of (674) male students: (332) second stage, and (342) upper stage.The results showed that there was a positive correlation signification between the function of speech disorders and all of speech phobia, and anxiety.There are negative relational relationships between function of speech disorders and parental rejection by the mother, while there is no relationship between the connectivity function of speech disorders and parental acceptance of the mother.


Khalil Al-Fayyoumi


JJES,  2017,  13(2) 209-221

The Role of Ethical Leadership in Enhancing Organizational Trust Among Principals of Primary Schools in Taif City

Abstract: This study aimed to identify the level of primary school principals practicing moral leadership and its role in the promotion of organizational confidence from the standpoint of teachers. It also investigated the degree of difference in these views depending on the specialization variables, educational qualification, years of experience, the supervisory office. Study sample consisted of (432) females who were selected randomly, and the results of the study indicated that all the moral leadership exercised by the directors of primary schools in Taif from the standpoint of the teachers was (very high). All organizational confidence exercised by the directors of primary schools in Taif from the standpoint of the teachers dimensions was (very high).


Amjad Dradkeh    and
Huda Al - Mutairi

 JJES,  2017, 13(2), 223-237

Marital Future Anxiety (MFA) and its Relation to Self-Esteem Among a Sample of University Students

Abstract: This study aims to identify the level of marital future anxiety (MFA) and its relation to self-esteem among university students in Hebron district, as well as to examine the differences in marital future anxiety according to some independent variables such as gender, economic status, place of residence, student’s academic level, and specialization. A random sample of (180) students spread over all of Hebron University, the Polytechnic University and the Al-Quds Open University was selected to participate in the study.


Nabil Aljundi and          Doaa Dasouqi

 JJES,  2017, 13(2), 239-250

Articles in English         البحوث باللغة الإنجليزية



An Analysis of Jordan’s Adherence to the NCTM Standards for First Grade Reformed Mathematics Textbooks

Abstract: This study investigated the compliance of Jordan’s reformed mathematics textbooks for first-graders to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ (NCTM, 2000) standards. The population and the sample of the study consisted of the reformed mathematics textbooks for first-graders in Jordan. An analysis instrument was designed. The validity and reliability of the instrument were ensured. The reformed 2015 mathematics textbook was analyzed with this instrument. The results of the study revealed that the reformed mathematics textbook complied with (31) indicators of (NCTM) standards resulting in a compliance rate of 68%. However, the content did not achieve (14) indicators in the five areas of the content standards.


Burhan Hamadneh

 JJES,  2017, 13(2), 251-262