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Volume 13, No. 4, December 2017, 1439 H

Articles in Arabic             البحوث باللغة العربية



The Effect of Outliers Treatment Method on the Effectiveness of Equating Two Test Forms

Abstract: This study aimed at revealing the effectiveness of equating two test forms according to item response theory using different outlier treatment methods. To achieve that, the linear equating method was used to equate two equivalent test forms of the National Test to Control the Quality of Education in Mathematics for fourth grade, based on the ability (θ) according to random groups design in equating.



Mohamad Ibraheem
and Yousef Sawalmeh

 JJES,  2017, 13(4) 389-403

Suitability of Motivation Expectancy–Value Model to Interpret Relations of Attitude, Self-Efficacy, and Effort with Achievement in Statistics and Expectation

Abstract: Some psychological factors have been known to influence students’ achievement. Such factors may include: Attitudes toward statistics, self efficacy, and effort exerted in learning. The relationships between those factors and achievement were tested using structural equation modeling. Data were collected from 288 undergraduate students registered in Educational Statistics course.



Faisal Abdelfattah

JJES,  2017,  13(4) 405-418

The Relationship Between Successful Intelligence and Its Practice in Education Among Private School Teachers in Amman

Abstract: This study aimed at investigating the relationship betweenself assessment of successful intelligence (ASI) with it spractice in teaching for successful intelligence (TSI) among private school teachers in Amman. The sample included 221 teachers in the humanities and scientific disciplines. The researcher applied successful intelligence inventory, and the practice ofteaching for successful intelligence scale.




Ahmad Alzoubi


JJES,  2017,  13(4) 419-431 

The Effectiveness of Group Counseling Program Based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Reducing Impulsive and Disruptive Behaviors Among Tenth Grade Female Students

Abstract: This study aimed to verify the effectiveness of group counseling program, based on dialectical behavior therapy in reducing impulsive and disruptive behaviors among tenth grade female students .The sample of study consisted of (29) females students from two secondary schools for girls in Zarka Governorate، they were purposely selected, but randomly distributed into two groups: An experimental group (N=14) students, and a control group (N =15) students.




Siham Abueita and Alaa Al Shamayleh

JJES,  2017, 13(4)  433-448

Academic Development for University Students in light of High Performance Indicators (Case Study of Jazan University)

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the academic development practices among university students in light of high performance indicators selected from the literature of contemporary higher education, and to identify the perceptions of Jazan University students regarding these practices. The researchers designed a questionnaire of (21) items to collect the data from a random sample of (691) students.




Wae'l Al-Tell and

Mohammed Sywelem


JJES,  2017,  13(4) 449-459

Effectiveness of a Suggested Science Teaching Method in Light of Educational Implements of Surah Al-Kahf and Cognitive Equilibrium, in Developing Science Concepts and Self Regulation Skills

Abstract: The currant research aimed at deducing science teaching method from The verses) 82-60) of Surah Al-Kahf in the Holly Quran and cognitive equilibrium concept. It also aimed to investigate its effectiveness in developing science cncept and self regulation for seventh class students in Gaza Governorates. The method deduced from the verses of Surah Al-Kahf, consisted of two parts: The first illustrated it's stages. The second part illustrated the conditions of learning within this method.



Jamal Al-zaaneen

 JJES,  2017, 13(4) 459-473

Psychological Stress Among Teachers and its Relation to Life Satisfaction

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify psychological stress level among teachers, and to test mean differences in psychological stress in light of some variables, in addition to identify the relation between psychological stress among teachers and life satisfaction. The study sample consisted of (370) teachers of both genders, who were randomly selected from all schools within Directorate of Education of the North West Badia during the first semester of the academic year (2016/ 2017).



Feras Qurit'e

 JJES,  2017, 13(4) 475-486

The Degree of Principals' Evaluation of Methods Used by Basic Stage Teachers For Promoting Students' Ethical Values

Abstract: : The current study aimed to identify the degree of principals' evaluation of methods used by teachers of basic stage schools for promoting students' ethical values in Tulkarm schools. Moreover, the study aimed to activate these methods among male and female teachers of the basic stage. To achieve this aim, a 38-item questionnaire was constructed and administered to (50) male and female principals in the second semester of the school year 2015/2016 in Tulkarm city.



Majdi Zamel

 JJES,  2017, 13(4) 487-500