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Volume 14, No. 1, March 2018,  1439 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

The Effectiveness of Bootstrapping Procedure in Estimating  Person-Fit Statistic Cutoff- Score for Polytomous Items in Noncognitive Scales

 Ali Algazo, Mahmoud Al-Quraan


JJES,14 (1), 2018, 1-12


The Use of Latent Profile Analysis Model in Identifying  Prototypes Personality in Saudi Sample

Khaleel Al-harbi


JJES,14 (1), 2018, 13-26

Impact of Group Counseling in Reducing Symptoms of Anger Among Children of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Jehad Alaedein, Hanadi Alhih


JJES,14 (1),2018, 27-41

The Quality Indicators of Students’ Educational Performance from Teachers’ Viewpoint at Primary Schools in Côte D’Ivoire

Cissé Ahanadou, Abdulhakim Abdullah


JJES,14(1),2018, 43-57

The Effects of Play-Based Counseling Program in Improving Social Adjustment and Isolation Among Deprived Orphan Children

Asmaa Allawneh, Ahmad Smadi


JJES,14(1),2018, 59-70

The Effect of Using Ethical Analysis Approach in the Development of Decision-Making Skills and Academic Achievement in Biology Among Grade Twelve Female

Khalsa AL Alawi, Abdullah Ambusaidi


JJES,14(1),2018, 71-83

The Extent of Using Six Sigma Concepts DMAIC Model in the Development of Educational Administrative Processes

Rabee Oteer


JJES,14(1),2018, 85-98

Articles in English


البحوث بالإنجليزية

The Impact of Group Counseling on Reducing Academic Procrastination and Improving Self-Control Among a Sample of High School Students

Mohammad Abood


JJES,14(1),2018, 99- 109


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