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Volume 14, No. 2, June 2018,  1439 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

The Effectiveness of the Communicative Approach on Improving Oral Expression Skills

Mohammad Al-Hawamdeh and Ahmad Sawalha


JJES,14 (2), 2018, 111-125


 The Extent to Which Arabic Language Textbooks for the First Three Grades in Jordan Include the Implications of the Knowledge Economy

Ruba Al-Mahasneh


JJES,14 (2), 2018, 127-141

The Degree of Inclusion of Service Learning Projects in the Textbooks of National and Civic Education in the Primary Stage in Jordan

Mohammad Al- Fursan and Muneera Al-Shurman


JJES,14 (2),2018, 143-156

Forward-Looking Vision to Promote the Practice of Saudi University Students for Academic Integrity in The Light of The Theory of Change

Essam Mahjoob


JJES,14(2),2018, 157-176

Trends of Science Education Research in Two Jordanian Educational Journals during the Period of (2005 – 20016)

Ahmad Al-Ayasrah


JJES,14(2),2018, 177-190

The Academic Identity Styles Prevailing Among Hashemite University Students in Light of Was and Isaacson Scale and it is Relationship With Academic Achievement

Ahmad Mahasnehi and Omar Al-Adamat



JJES,14(2),2018, 191-207

Proposing a Strategy to Enhance the Strategic Roles of Civil Society Organizations in Reducing the Problem of Brain Drain

Eyad El - Dajani, Anisa El-Dohdar and Fatma Shwaikh


JJES,14(2),2018, 209-222

Articles in English


البحوث بالإنجليزية

The Iterational Dimension of Teacher Agencywithin Ecological School Settings: Exploring the Beliefs of Generation X and Generation Y Teachers

Khalida Qattash and Nayel Al-Shra’ah


JJES,14(2),2018, 223- 237


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