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Volume 14, No. 3, September 2018,  1439 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

 The Impact of Teaching Science by Strategies that Stimulate Neural Branching on Eighth Grade Student's Performance in Visuospatial and Verbal Working Memory Capacities

Khadija Al Balushi, Sulaiman AL Balushi and Abdullah Ambusaedy


JJES,14 (3), 2018, 239-252


The Effectiveness of Teaching an Improved Unit in Geometry According to TRIZ Theory in the Development of Creative Thinking and Cognitive Achievement

Majed Al-Deeb


JJES,14 (3), 2018, 253-265

Critical Pedagogy and the Falling of Ideology of Capitalism: Critical Problematizations Toward Educational Reform in Consuming Societies

Ahmed Alhazmi


JJES,14 (3),2018, 267-281

 The Achievementís Level of the International Accreditation Standards (CAEP) in Teacher Education Programs in Sultan Qaboos University

Wajeha Al-Ani, Azzam Ahmed and Khalf Al-Abri


JJES,14(3),2018, 283-300

Emotional Separation and its Relationship With Irrational Thinking Among Married People

Omar Alshawashereh & Heba Abdel Rahman


JJES,14(3),2018, 301-313

The Effectiveness of an Assessment Linguistic and Educational Skills Program (The ABLLS-R) in Improving Basic Skills for a Jordanian Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sawsan Shteyat and Alia Al-Oweidi



JJES,14(3),2018, 315-328

The Degree of Religiosity and Resistance to Temptation and the Relationship Between Them Among Mutah University Students

Sabri Al-Tarawneh


JJES,14(3),2018, 329-339

The Effect of Practicum on Improving Career Counseling Competencies and Supervision Satisfaction Among Mental Health and Counseling Students at the University of Jordan

Mohammad Alkhawaldeh and Abdallah Almahireh


JJES,14(3),2018, 341-349


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