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Volume 14, No. 4, June 2018,  1439 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

The Ability Level of First Grade Secondary Students in Explaining the Scientific Phenomena and Situations Related to Everyday Life

Waleed Nawafleh, Wesal Al-Omari and Ali Al-Omari


JJES,14 (4), 2018, 351-365


The Effect of Using Dramatized Curricula on Achievement and Reducing Attention Distraction among Students with Math Learning Disabilities

Mohammad Al-Khateeb and Osamah Bani Milhem


JJES,14 (4), 2018, 367-377

The Predictive Ability of the Locus of Control in Mental Fatigue Among the Teachers in Ramtha Area

Faisal Al-Rabee


JJES,14 (4),2018, 179-390

Yarmouk University Students’ Awareness of Their Digital Practice and its Relationship to Their Citizenship Values

Hadi Tawalbeh and Samih Al-Karasneh


JJES,14(4),2018, 391-409

Cognitive Distortions and their Relationship to Symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder among Adolescents

Hani Abbara, Mario Rahal, and Ahmad haj Mosa


JJES,14(4),2018, 411-427

Attachment Styles Predicting Academic Motivation Among University Students

Fatima Al-Zahraa Luzany



JJES,14(4),2018, 429-439

Comparing Social, Psychological, and Behavioral Problems Facing Students with Learning Disabilities in Learning Disabilities Rooms and Regular Classrooms from Parents' Point of View

Sabah Abdul-Wahab, Sahar El Shourbagi and Nahed Salem



JJES,14(4),2018, 441-459

Articles in English


البحوث بالإنجليزية

The Effectiveness of the Touch Math Program in Teaching Addition to Students with Math Disability

Hanan Al-Hmouz


JJES,14(4),2018, 461-474


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