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Volume 15, No. 1, January 2019  1440 H

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

The Effect of Using Caricatures on Improving Creative Writing Skills

Raed Khodair and Ola Mraisat


JJES,15(1), 2019,  1-16


Conflict Management Strategies for School Teachers in Al-Mafraq Directorate and its Relationship to Communication Efficiency


Ahmad Mahasneh and Omar Al-Adamat


JJES,15(1), 2019, 17-32

Nomophobia Among Yarmouk University Students


Fawwaz Momani and Sherin Okour


JJES,15(1), 2019, 33-43

The Relationship Between the Differential Distractors Functioning and the Differential Item Functioning in a Multiple-Choice Mathematics Test

Yousef Al Sawalmeh and Jehad Al Ajlouni


JJES,15(1), 2019, 49-63

Metacognitive Skills as Predictors of Academic Adjustment Among First Year Students at King Saud University

El-sayed Boraik


JJES,15(1), 2019, 65-77

Emotional Intelligence and its Relation to Mindfulness Among Yarmouk University Students

Faisal Al-Rabee


JJES,15(1), 2019, 79-97

The Effect of Item Characteristics and Persons Ability Levels on the Assumption of Local Independence in Item Response Theory

Zaid  Bani Ata


JJES,15(1),2019, 99-111

The Effect of Weblog Use on Improving Summary Writing Skill

Almazah Khataibeh


JJES,15(1), 2019, 113-132


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