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Volume 15, No. 2, June 2019 

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

The Effectiveness of Using Some Strategies of Memory Activation in Developing Spelling Skills for Primary Students

Najwa Khasawneh and Najlaa ALOtabi


JJES,15(2), 2019,  133-148


Academic Engagement Related to Goal-Orientation among University Students

Ahmad Mahasneh, Ahmed Al-Alwan and Omar Al-Adamat


JJES,15(2), 2019, 149-166

The Effect of Group Counseling Program in Decreasing Anxiety and Improving Parental Competence Among Mothers of Children With Behavioral Problems

Jehad Alaedein and Amany Taraweneh


JJES,15(2), 2019, 167-183

The Effect of (Think-Pair-Share) Strategy in Improving the Speaking Skills of Arabic Language


Husein Al-Mestarehi


JJES,15(2), 2019, 185-199

The Extent of Inclusion of STEM Approach Criteria in the Developed Physics Textbooks for Secondary Stage in Jordan

Amal Malkawi, Ebrahim AL-Yousef


JJES,15(2), 2019, 201-218

The Effect of Buddy Reading Strategy on Developing Third Basic Grade Students' Oral Reading Fluency

Mohammad AL-Khawaldeh and Rania Obaidat


JJES,15(2), 2019, 219-232

The Effect of Using a Teaching Program Based on Mathematical Power on the Acquisition of Mathematical Concepts for 8th Grade Students in Light of their Mathematical Self-Efficacy

Said Al-Senaidi and Adnan Al-Abed


JJES,15(2),2019, 233-249

Articles in English  

البحوث بالانجليزية

Using SPSS as Instruction Assisted Program in Improving Postgraduate Students’ Comprehen-sion to Statistical Concepts

Yahya Nassar


JJES,15(2), 2019, 251-257


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