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Volume 15, No. 3, September 2019 

Articles in Arabic


البحوث بالعربية

A Study on Some Variables Which are Related to the Delay of the Morphological Component Development of the Kindergarten kids' Language: case study

Moammar Alhawarneh


JJES,15(3), 2019,  259-273




The level of Collaborative Knowledge Creation According to the Principles of the Trialogical Learning Approach and its Impact on the Teaching Performance in Oman

Fatemah Al-Hajari and Abdullah Ambusaidi


JJES,15(3), 2019, 275-291

The Inclusion of Biology Textbook for 9th Grade in Jordan of Habits of Mind According to Project 2061

Yousef AL-Qashty and Abdullah Khataibeh


JJES,15(3), 2019, 293-307

Imagine a proposal to establish a crisis management unit in the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Yemen in the light of Arab and International experiences

AbdelGhani Al-Hawry


JJES,15(3), 2019, 309-323

Professional Development Program Based on a Proposed Teaching Model for the Development of Reflective Practices Physics Teachers in Saudi Arabia

Afrah baabdullah and Fahed AL-Shaye3


JJES,15(3), 2019, 325-340

The Impact of Instructional Program Based on Metacognitive Reading Strategies on Reading Anxiety and its Motivation amongthe Eighth Grade Female Students of English Language

Moawyiah Abu-Ghazal and Nadia Atrooz


JJES,15(3), 2019, 341-357

The Predictive Value of Optimism in Psychological Flow: A Comparatives Study Faculty Members (Gulf States and Egypt)

Atef Elsherbi and Asma Al Attiyah


JJES,15(3),2019, 359-376

Articles in English  

البحوث بالانجليزية

The Effect of Teachers' Training in Secondary English Teachers' Practice of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in Bangladesh

Mehadi Rahman and Rokiba Ahmed


JJES,15(3), 2019, 377-356


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