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Volume 16, No. 3, September 2020 

Doi: //10.47015/16.3

Articles in Arabic


Parental and Peer Attachment and Its Relationship with Emotional Empathy

Abdullah Altarawneh


The Degree of Including the Creative Thinking Skills in Arabic Language ‎Textbook for the First Secondary Grade in Saudi Arabia

Gasem Albari and Mashhor Saddam


The Role of Parents' Watching Videos Through Smart Phone Applications in ‎the Support of Parenting‎


Ahmed Meghari


The Attitudes of the Faculty Members at the Saudi Universities Toward Using ‎Flipped Learning and the Obstacles to its Application in Teaching‎

Raniyah Al-luhaybi and Eman Rayes


The Effectiveness of a Group Counseling Program Based on Goleman Theory ‎in Developing Emotional Intelligence and Reducing Stigmatization among ‎Juvenile Delinquents

Ahmad Gazo, Mohammad Abood, Bara'ah Mahmoud and Ali Ghazo


Status Quo of Types of Influence Tactics Used by Principals at Arab Technical ‎Secondary Schools across the Green Line and Their Relationship to Their ‎Power Sources

Suaad Abo-Lail and Aaref Attari


Effectiveness of Question Answer Relationship (QAR) Strategy in Developing ‎Reading Comprehension Skills

Sami Al-Muqimi and Sulaiman Al-Ghattami


The Performance of  Person-Fit Statistic in Detecting Insufficient Effort Responses According to ‎the Likert Item Scale Points ‎‎

Ruba Jawarneh and Mahmoud Alquraan



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