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Volume 16, No. 4, December 2020 

Doi: //10.47015/16.4

Articles in Arabic


The Universities Tendency to Achieve Competitive Advantage Based on the ‎Principles of Internationalization of Higher Education in Line with the ‎Requirements of the Objectives of the Neom Project ‎

Najwa Al-Fawaz


The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Storytelling in Reducing Binge Eating ‎Disorder and Impulsivity among a Sample of Female Adolescents

Ahmad Al-Shrifin and Noor Bahr


The Degree of Al-Baath University Class Teacher Students Proficiency of ‎Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills Required for Teaching the ‎Developed Textbooks


Abdel Ghafour Al-Aswad and Hatem Albases


Embedding the 21st Century Skills in Physics Textbooks for the Higher Basic ‎Stage in Jordan: An Analytical Study

Wesal Al-Omari


The Predictability of Professional Self and Self Efficacy in the Effectiveness of ‎School Counselors

Ahmad Smadi and Yousef Hwatmeh


A Proposed Educational Administrative Guide to Apply the Principles of ‎Knowledge Economy in Higher Education Institutions in the State of Kuwait

Fawaz Al-Rasheedi and Khaled Al-Sarhan


The Effect of Computer Simulation and Practical Demonstration on Acquiring ‎Physics Concepts and Self-efficacy in Learning Physics ‎

Ali Al-Omari


Academic Passion and Its Relationship to Academic Burnout among Yarmouk ‎University Students ‎

Abdelnaser Al-Jarrah and Faisal Alrabee



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