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Volume 17, No. 2, June 2021 

Doi: //10.47015/17.2

Articles in Arabic


Metacognitive Awareness Strategies Most Frequently Used in Listening ‎Comprehension among Non-native Arabic Speakers in Jordan

Mohammad Al-Hawamdeh and Mohammed Al-Khawaldeh


Change and Resistance of Change in the Framework of University Teaching: ‎From Conventional Lecturing to Integrative Approach Based on Operational ‎Definition

Ahmad Audeh


The Effect of a Group Counseling Program Based on Cognitive- Behavioral ‎Play Therapy in Reducing Emotional and Behavioral Problems among a ‎Sample of Syrian Refugee Students


Jehad Alaedein and Shadi Alhawamdeh


The Role of the University Instructor in Enhancing the 21st-Century Skills at ‎Taibah University in Light of Saudi Vision 2030‎

Hayat Alamri


The Effect of "Read-Ask-Paraphrase"- RAP Strategy on Improving the ‎Reading Comprehension Skills among Students with Learning Disabilities in ‎Jordan

Mohammad Muhaidat and Amal Al-Smadi


Differential Item and Distractor Functioning in a Critical Thinking Test among ‎University Students According to Gender ‎

Kawthar Abd Al-Qader and Yousef Al-Sawalmeh


The Degree of Availability of Reading Comprehension Strategies among ‎Female Arabic Language Teachers in Teaching Reading for Grades (5-10) ‎Female Students in the Sultanate of Oman

Afraa Al-Housniah


Assessing Measurement Accuracy of Multistage Adaptive Testing under ‎Different Testing Modes

Loiy Shawashreh and Mahmoud Alquraan


The Psychometric Characteristics of the Arabic Version of Homework ‎Management Strategies Scale for Basic Education Students in Oman

Hafidha Al-Barashdi, Said al-Dhafri, Hussein Al-Kharousi, Ibrahim Al-Harithi, ‎Amal Al-Hadabi and Marwa Al-Rajhi

The Effectiveness of Cloud Computing in Developing Saudi-University ‎Students' Writing Skill ‎

Mahmoud Abd Al-Naser Nasr            



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