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Volume 17, No. 3, September 2021 

Doi: //10.47015/17.3

Articles in Arabic


Servant Leadership of Principals and Its Relationship to Teachers’  Morale

Ahmad Al-Anezi


Machiavellian Personality and Its Relationship to Parenting Styles among ‎Yarmouk University Students

Mu’ayyad Megdadi, Feras  Al-Jobour and  Alaaddeen Obeidat


The Extent of Inclusion of Nutrition and Sports International Standards In ‎Vocational Education Textbooks for Seventh Grade in Jordan


Reem “Ali Saleh”, Mohammed Al-Resa'i and Khetam Hlalat


Predictive Ability of the Degree of Social Media Websites Use and Level of ‎Psychological Hardness in Emotional Divorce among a Sample of Married ‎Women Working at the University of Jordan

Abdallah Almahaireh and Amal Alhasoun


The Effectiveness of Using an Interactive Learning Website on Developing ‎Achievement and Visual Thinking Skills among Grade - 11 Female Students in ‎the Islamic Education Subject in Oman

Rabea Al-Sqria and Mohsin Al-Salmi


Developing a Measure of Fraternal Bullying among a Sample of Adolescents ‎

Aiche Sabah


Exploring the Effectiveness of Existential Therapy and Reality Therapy in ‎Reducing Stress and Increasing Family Cohesion among Wives of Drug ‎Addicts

Sanaa Daradkah and Abdul-Kareem Jaradat


Corona Virus Disease-19 Infection Anxiety among a Sample of Irbid ‎Governorate‏ ‏Residents in Jordan ‎

Rami Tashtosh and Alaa El-Deen Obaidat


Psychological Impact and Mental Health Status during the COVID-19 ‎Pandemic among Jordanian University Students ‎

Jehad Alaedein, Ahmad AL-Sraifin, Mohammad Abood and Ahmad Alsheikh Ali and Nayfeh Al-Shobaki

Mindfulness of Social Studies' Teachers and Its Relationship to Their Skills of ‎Solving Classroom Problems ‎

Abeer Al-Refai



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