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Volume 17, No. 4, December 2021 

Doi: //10.47015/17.4

Articles in Arabic


The Effect of Using Hot Chair Strategy on Improving Oral Expression ‎Skills

Qasim Al-Bari ‎


Effectiveness of Solution-focused Brief Therapy and Adlerian Therapy in ‎Reducing Academic Procrastination and Enhancing Optimism‏ ‏among High-‎school Female Students

Naela Alguzo and Abdul-Kareem Jaradat


The Effect of Using Spider Web Discussion in the Acquisition of Scientific ‎Concepts and Motivation toward Learning Science among Grade Nine Female ‎Students


Khawla Al-Salmiya and Abdullah Ambusaidi


The Effect of Articulate Storyline Software in Developing Cognitive Flexibility ‎and Environmental Self-awareness among 10th Grade Students

Mahmoud Lababneh and Hani Obeidat


The Relationship between Psychological Stress and Perceived Self-efficacy in ‎Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Jordan

Mohammad Muhaidat and Mariam Abu Sarah


The Role of the Educational Portal in Developing the School Administration’s ‎Performance in the Light of the Requirements of E-governance from the ‎Perspective of School Principals in Oman ‎

Maktoum Al Mahdour


The Degree of Contribution of Knowledge Management to the Development of ‎Administrative Decisions in Heads of Academic Departments at Jordanian ‎Universities

Heba Al-Awamreh and Habes Hatamleh


The Level of Social Intelligence of Secondary- school Principals in the Irbid ‎District and Its Relationship to Their Job Performance ‎

Khmaa’ael Al-Khaza’leh and  Haidar Al-Omary


Major Depressive Disorder among Jordanian Universitie’s Students: ‎Prevalence and Predicteing Defense Mechanisms

Maiyada Al-Qura’an, Ahmed Al-Sharifin and  Abeer Al-Rifai

Predicting the Creative Self-efficacy among High-school Students through ‎Mindfulness

Hamzah Al-Rababaa and Bassam Jabaatah

Effect of Using Dialogic Teaching Method on Seventh-grade Students’ ‎Performance in Speaking Skill ‎

Lana Halloush, Abdallah Bani Abdelrahman and Mousa Abu-Dalbouh

The Effectiveness of the Blackboard Technique in Integrating Saudi University ‎Students' English-Language Reading and Writing Skills

Mahmoud Nasr           



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