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Volume 18, No. 3, September 2022 

Doi: //10.47015/18.3

Articles in Arabic


The Effectiveness of Using the Six-dimensional ‎Strategy in Improving the Features‏ ‏of Classroom ‎Interaction in Mathematics Learning Environments

Amal Khasawneh‎, Ali Al-Barakat‎ and Enas Radwan‎


The Relationship between the Scientific Research ‎Crisis and Challenges of Its Production at Yemeni ‎Universities

Aswan Hamzah


Teachers’ Resistance to Change in‏ ‏Math and Science ‎Curricula in the Sultanate of Oman


Khatemah Al-Rushidi, Yasser Al-Mahdy, Aisha Al-Harthi and Mahmood Amir


Fear of Happiness and Its Relationship with Self-criticism among Yarmouk University ‎Students

Hanan Al-Shugran, Omar Shawashreh and Faisal Al-Rabeea


Research Trends in Master‏ ‏Theses of Arabic ‎Language Curricula and Its Teaching Methods in the ‎College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University ‎during (1995-2019)‎

Fawziya Alwahabi and Sulaiman Al-Ghattami


The Role of Classroom Learning Environment to ‎Adolescent Students' Belonging in the School ‎Community

Ahmad Al-Alwan‎


The Effect of Parental Meta–emotion Patterns on the Development Theory of Mind ‎among Pre-schoolers

Hamzeh Al-Rababah and Marwah Al-Khatib


The Degree of Applying Skills Gained from the New Teachers’ Program at the Specialized Institute for Professional Training for Teachers from the Teachers’ Point of View and its Relation to Some Variables


Aasheh Al-Monthrieh and Bahyah Al-Rashediah


Needs Assessment for Enhancing the Partnership ‎between Schools and Community in Al-Dhahira ‎Governorate Schools in Oman

Rana Al-Smadi and Noura Al- Biloshi

Effect of Electronic Supervisory Visit on Teachers' ‎Technology Acceptance of Electronic Supervision ‎Process in the Sultanate of Oman

Salem Al-Nu’mani, Aisha Al-Harthia, Khaled Al-Saadi and Ali Kazem

Using Generalizability Theory to Detect the ‎Contribution of Multiple Sources of Variance in the ‎Validity of a Test in Mathematics

Mohammad Al-Araideh and Nedhal Al-Sharifeen          

Test-anxiety Coping Strategies as Predictors of ‎Optimism‏ ‏and Intrinsic Motivation ‎

Maram Bani-Salameh and Abdul-Kareem Jaradat



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