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Volume 18, No. 4, December 2022 

Doi: //10.47015/18.4

Articles in Arabic


Constructin of a Test to Measure the Abstract ‎Reasoning Ability Using Item Response ‎Theory

Eman Abuwardih and Nedal Al-Shraifin


Relationship between the Socio-economic Level of ‎Parents and the Academic and Self-concept of ‎Children: Methology of Structural Equation ‎Modeling

Mohammad Sukkariyah, Samar Al-Ahmadiyah and Osama ‎Sukkatiyah


Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms, Intrinsic and ‎Extrinsic Motivation among Adaptive Perfectionists, ‎Maladaptive Perfectionists and Non-perfectionists


Emran Al-Shorman and Abdul-Kareem Jaradat


The Beliefs of the Teachers of the Second Cycle of ‎Basic Education in the Sultanate of Oman about the ‎Continuous Assessment and Their Relationship with ‎the Practices of Its Competencies

Hussain Alkharusi and Rabee Al-Dhulli and Khalifa Al-Qassabi


Degree of Employing Passionate Leadership by ‎Faculty Members at Yarmouk University

Mohammad Bani Hani and Ghadeer Khataibeh


The Effect of Temperament and Attachment Styles ‎on the Theory of Mind

Somaiah AL-Zoubi‎ and Moawyah Abo-Ghazal


Psychosocial and Social Components predicting ‎Student Self-efficacy: A Study of Jordan ‎Participation in the International Student Assessment ‎Program PISA 2018‎

Madher Attiat


The Degree of Including the Concepts of Healthy ‎Citizenship in the Social and National Education ‎Textbooks and the National and Civic Education ‎Textbooks for the Level of Basic Education in ‎Jordan


Hadi Tawalbeh and Khitam Altawalbeh


A Proposed Strategic Vision to Consolidating the ‎Practice of Academic Leaderships in Higher ‎Education in Jordan for Organizational-citizenship ‎Behaviors and its Relationship to Servant Leadership

Tawfeeq AL-Regeb

The Predictability of Emotional Intelligence in ‎Academic Passion among University Students

Emad Al-Zubi and Omar Al-Adamat

The Extent of Achieving the Design Principles of ‎Trialogical Learning Approach in the Field- training ‎Course for Science and Mathematics Student-teachers ‎in the College of Education / Sultan Qaboos ‎University

Fatimah Al-Hahajariah, Slamah Al-Badriah and Abullah ‎Embosaiedy‎ 

The Extent of Incorporating the Elements of Digital ‎Citizenship in the Textbooks of Computer and ‎Information Technology in the Intermediate Stage in ‎the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hanan Al-Oufi and Majed Al-Zahrani

The Degree of Applying Digital-Leadership of ‎Standards among UNRWA School Principals in Gaza ‎Governorates and Ways of Improvement

Naji Sukkar and Najat Abu-Hayyeh‎

Saudi-University Students' Translation Problems ‎(A Proposed Online Model for Remedy) ‎

Mahmoud Abd Al-Naser Nasr

The Effectiveness of Reality Therapy in Reducing Self-alienation among Students in ‎the Syrian Refugee-camp Schools in Al-Mafraq, Jordan

Nayef Alhamad ‎



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