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Volume 19, No. 2, June 2023 

Doi: //10.47015/19.2

Articles in Arabic


The impact of Using Electronic Brainstorming Strategy in a Blended Learning ‎Environment on Grade-Eleven Female Students’ in developing Moral Reasoning in ‎Islamic Education ‎

Rabaa Al-Saqriah and Ali Kazem


The Level of Tokophobia among Married Women Sample

Hanan Al-Shagran


Academic Delay of Gratification Prediction through Future Time Perspective among ‎University Students ‎


Manal Al-Kharaz and Faisal Al-Rabee


The Effectiveness of an Acceptance and Commitment Counseling Therapy Program on ‎Enhancing ‎Self-Compassion among Palestinian Female Adolescents without Parental ‎Care

Etaf Abu Ghali and Samar Abu Mezyed


The Effectiveness a Stimulation-Based Instructional Program in Enhancing Students’ to ‎Learn Motivation among a Sample of Grade 8 Students At the Time of the COVID-19 ‎Pandemic

Mohammad Nofal


The Level of Reading Comprehension Skills Included in Readiness to Read Activities in ‎Science Textbooks of Middle Schools

Sarah Al-Shamrani and Sozan Haj Omar


Suggestions for Improving Active Learning Viewpoint of Arabic Teachers in Qatif ‎Governorate in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Abduallah Al-Nasser


The Effectiveness of the Flipped Classroom Strategy in Developing Summarizing skills ‎among Special Education Students at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University


Moneera Al-Msbhieen and Yahya Al-Dhamit


Evaluation of Service Quality in the Training Centers of the Directorates of Education ‎in the Sultanate of Oman Using the Scale of the Gap Between Perceptions and ‎Expectations

Safia Said Al-Tobi, Nasreen Saleh Salah Al-Dein and Rashed bin Suliman Al-Fahdi

Overexcitabilities as Predictors of Creative Personality among Gifted and Ordinary ‎Students in the State of Kuwait

Muneera Rashed Al-Gablan, Abdelnasser Diab Al-Jarrah and Ahmad Mohammad Al-‎Abbasi

The Sustainable Development Requirements from the Perspective of a Sample of ‎Palestinian University Students and their Connection to Future Anxiety Manifestations

Mahmoud Abd Al-Majeed Assaf

The Effectiveness of Using Microsoft Teams Software in Light of the Corona Virus ‎‎(COVID-19) Pandemic Challenges among Science Teachers in Bani Kanana District ‎Public Schools

Gazaleh Ahmad Jamal

Psychometric Characteristics of a Jordanian Version of the‏ ‏Autism Spectrum Rating ‎Scale (ASRS-3) for Ages 6 to 18 Years‎

Ferial Mohammad Abu Awwad and Najah Fuad Abd-Al-Latif


Articles in English


The Educational Philosophical Thoughts of Abu Hamid Al Ghazali (1058 - 1111) and ‎John Dewey (1859 - 1952): A Comparative Study‎

Omar ‎‏"‏Mohammad Ali‏"‏‎ Khasawneh

Theoretical and Practical Knowledge of Central Auditory Processing Disorder among ‎Primary School Teachers

Hashemiah Mohammad Almusawi and Lulwah Nahabah Hamadah


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