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Volume 19, No. 3, September 2023 

Doi: //10.47015/19.3

Articles in Arabic


The Degree of "Darsak" Distance Learning Platform ‎Contribution in Developing Self-Learning ‎Skills Among Secondary Stage Students at Irbid City ‎During the "Covid-19" Pandemic‎‎

Yousef Eyadat ‎and Mosa Al-Friehat


The Predictive ability of parenting styles in the quality of friendship among adolescents

Rima "Mohammed Omar" Al-Faqih and Muawiya Mahmoud ‎Abu Ghazal


Predictive Ability of Family Communication ‎Patterns and Life Style in Emotional Divorce ‎among Working Married Women


Shooroq Mohammad Maberah and Fawwaz Ayoub Momani


Intrinsic and Extrinsic Reading Motivation ‎among Tenth-Grade Students in Jordan and ‎their Relationship to some Variables

Ali Mahmoud Al-Tawalbeh and Ayat Tayseer Bany Khaled


The Governance of Digital Transformation in ‎Educational Districts in the Kingdom of Saudi ‎Arabia

Khawlah bint Abdullah Al-Mufeez and Samiah bint Taraheeb Al-Otaibi


Visual Thinking Skills Inclusion Level in ‎Tenth-Grade Chemistry Textbook ‎

Asma Saleh Al-Muteb and Sozan Hussain Haj Omar


The Effectiveness of Mnemonics- Based ‎Science Teaching on Academic Achievement ‎and Retention of Learning According to ‎Imagery Style among Sixth-Grade Students

Abdullah Khamis Ambusaidi, Fatema Yousuf Al-Maqbali, Mohamed Ali Shahat and ‎Hussain Ali Al-Kharusi ‎


Female School Principals' Work Life Quality ‎in Light of the "Covid-19" Pandemic in ‎Amman Capital Governorate from their ‎Perspective ‎


Ola Mahmoud Al-Hamaideh‎


The Availability Level of Management and ‎Leadership Skills as a Requirement of the ‎Labor Market among Master Students at the ‎College of Education at Qassim University ‎

Abd Al-Rahman Bin Sad Al-Ajlan

A Proposed Strategy for Activating Smart ‎Accountability in Private Schools in the ‎Southern Governorates of Palestine

Mahmoud KhalafAllah and Marwan El-Massry

Obstacles to Scientific Research from the ‎View Point of Educational Administration ‎Master Students at Omani Universities

Rahma Nasser Al-Rashdiah and Rabia Al-Mur Al-Dhuhli

Teacher Professional Learning as an ‎Approach for Enhancing Student Learning in ‎the Sultanate of Oman: A Prospective Study

Yasser Fathy Al-Mahdy and Wajeha Thabit Al-Ani

Organizational Conformity of Basic School ‎Principals within Qasabat Irbid Directorate of ‎Education and its Relevance to Teachers' ‎Psychological Stress Psychological Stress ‎

Musab Suleiman Al-Dalqmouni and Najwa Abdel Hamid Al-Darawsha

Perfectionism and its Relationship to ‎Academic Adaptation among Gifted Students ‎in King Abdullah II Schools of Excellence in ‎Light of some Variables

Arwa Mohammad Al -Kafaween


Articles in English


The Effectiveness of Flipped Learning Using the Social Network "Edmodo" (SNE) on Media ‎Writing (MW) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) Skills among 8th Grade Female Students

Esmail Omar Hassounah, Rania Abdullah Abdulmunem and Asma Ramadan Mustafa


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