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Volume 7, No. 2, June 2011, Rajab 1432 H

Articles in Arabic



School Climate in Jordan Basic Schools as Perceived by Islamic Education Teachers as Well as Tenth-Grade Students and its Relationship with Some Variables

This study aimed at identifying the characteristics of school climate in the schools of Zarqa from the perspectives of teachers of Islamic education as well as tenth grade students and its relationship with the following variables: directorate of education, school type and school size.


Saleh Diab Hindi

 JJES,  2011, 7(2) 105 - 123

Emotional Intelligence and its Relationship with Social Skills and Attachment Styles of University Students in Light of Specialization and Gender

This study aimed at investigating the relationship among emotional intelligence, social skills and attachment styles of university students. The sample consisted of (475) male and female students in Al- Hussein Bin Talal University in Ma'an, Jordan. To collect the data, three scales were used in this study including a scale of emotional intelligence, a scale of social skills and a scale of attachment styles.


Ahmed F. Al-Alwan

JJES,  2011, 7(2), 125 - 144

Metacognitive Thinking Level Amongst a Sample of Yarmouk University Students in the Light of Some Variables

This study aimed at identifying the level of metacognitive thinking amongst Yarmouk University students in the light of the variables of: gender, university year, specialization, and academic achievement level. The sample of the study consisted of (1102) students: (514) males and (588) females, distributed over the four years of the B. Sc. And B.A. programs, in the faculties of humanities and science.


Abdelnaser Al- Jarrah
Alaa Addeen Obeidat

JJES,  2011, 7(2), 145 - 162

Quality Assurance Standards Derived from School Stakeholders: Grounded Evaluation Approach to Spur Accreditation and Quality

This sThe idea of this study came from the significant gap between theory and practice of quality assurance in educational institutions in developing countries. due to the predetermined rigid standards of quality and accreditation which may frustrate the institution or may push the institution to work against its convictions, and transfer all efforts just to show that it can fulfill the minimum requirements of accreditation.


Ahmad Audeh

JJES,  2011, 7(2), 163 - 194

The Reality of Science Education Research in Jordan in the Period 2000-2009

This study aimed at identifying the reality of research in science education in Jordan in the period 2000-2009 in terms of research domains, types, and target groups. To achieve the objectives of the study, abstracts of 188 theses, and 40 papers published in journals of Jordanian universities were analyzed. Theses and published papers were classified using tools developed for the purpose of this study.


Ali Al-Omari
Waleed Nawafleh

JJES,  2011, 7(2), 195 - 208

Articles in English



Translatability of Collocations: A Constant Challenge to EFL Learners

Successful production of English collocations seems to be a challenge to EFL learners at all levels. This paper purports to be an assessment of the proficiency of advanced university students in the area of English lexical collocations as manifested in their translation from Arabic into English. 


Fatima Jafar

 JJES,  2011, 7(2) 209 - 219