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Volume 7, No. 3, September 2011, Shawwal 1432 H

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The Role of Working Memory Capacity and Gender in reading Comprehension

This study aimed at investigating the role of working memory in reading comprehension among a cluster sample of 230 male and female secondary level students in light of students’ working memory capacity and gender. The results of the study indicated statistical significant differences between males and females in working memory capacity and reading comprehension, in favor of females.


Firas Al-Hamouri
Amneh Khasawneh

 JJES,  2011, 7(3) 221 - 232

Effects of a Counseling Supervision Program Based on the Cognitive Model on Reducing Performance Anxiety among Counselor trainees in Jordan

This study aimed at investigating the effects of a training program based on the cognitive model of supervision in reducing performance anxiety level among counselor trainees in Jordan. The sample of the study consisted of (60) male and female 3rd and 4th year students in counseling psychology at Yarmouk University, who were registered in the courses of Skills and Techniques of Psychological Counseling and Practicum of Psychological Counseling. They were randomly assigned into an experimental group which was trained by the program based on the cognitive model in counseling supervision, and a control group trained by conventional methods.


Ahmad Al- Shraifin

JJES,  2011, 7(3), 233 - 251

The Level of Social Skills amongst Students with and without Learning Disabilities in Jordan According to Their Teachers

The study aimed at investigating the level of social skills amongst students with and without learning disabilities (LD), and whether it differs according to variables of gender, age or their interaction. Two hundred and seventy eight students (181 students without LD, and 97 students with LD) from schools which included resources rooms in Irbid Second Directorate of Education and Learning, were participated in the study. For the purpose of data collection, the study employed a modified version of the Social Skills Scale for Children with LD which was developed by Haroun (2005).


Qais Almeqdad
Osama Bataineh
Abdelnaser Al-Jarrah

JJES,  2011, 7(3), 253 - 270

The Role of Family Literacy in Developing Children's Reading Interests in Kindergarten and the First Three Classes

This study aimed at exploring the role of family literacy in the development of reading interests of children in light of some variables. The sample of the study consisted of 746 kindergarten and elementary schoolchildren, studying in public schools at Irbid First Directorate of Education and their parents. Family Literacy Scale consisting of 48 items and Reading Interest Scale consisting of 30 items were developed and utilized to achieve the study purposes.


Imad Sa`di
Etaf Mansi

JJES,  2011, 7(3), 271 - 288

Tafila Islamic Education Teacher's Use of Language Skills

The study aimed at investigating the extent to which Islamic Education teachers in Tafila Province use language skills in the light of some related variables. An instrument was developed including (68) items in four domains. The sample consisted of (77) male and female teachers chosen randomly from those who taught in Tafila schools for the academic year 2010-2011. The results indicated that the teachers of Islamic education have high estimation regarding special competencies in the Arabic language, and they also have positive views towards linguistic use particularly in teaching and in school and social life in general.


khalid A. Alsoudi

JJES,  2011, 7(3), 289 - 302