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Volume 7, No. 4, December 2011, Muharram 1433 H

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The Effectiveness of a Cognitive Behavior Training Program in Reducing Psychological Stress among Mother’s of Children with Spina Bifida

The study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a training program based on Cognitive–Behavior Theory to reduce the level of psychological stress among a sample of mothers of Spina Bifida children, intentionally chosen from Al-Hussein Society for Habilitation and Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged.


Suad Gaith
Anas Masri
Annie Mizaguabian

 JJES,  2011, 7(4) 303 - 325

The Effect of Using Coupled Inquiry Cycle in Development of Inquiry Skills among 8th Grade Basic Education Female Students

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of using coupled inquiry cycle in acquiring inquiry skills among 8th grade basic education female students. The sample consisted of (60) students selected from one basic education school of Muscat Governorate.


Muna Al-Afifi
Abdullah Ambusaidi
Mohammed Selim

JJES,  2011, 7(4), 327 - 356

The Shortcomings of Science Learning among the Tenth Grade Students as Determined and Estimated by Science Teachers

This study aimed at identifying the shortcomings of science learning among tenth grade students as determined and estimated by science teachers in Al-Karak schools, and whether or not the variables of teacher gender, his (or here) duration in teaching students affect his or her estimation. A random sample of 164 teachers was used. The researcher designed a questionnaire of 27 items. Its validity and reliability were established.


Mahmoud Bani Khalaf

JJES,  2011, 7(4), 357 - 369

The Effectiveness of a Group Counseling Program in Reducing Stress and Pessimism Among Mothers of Jordanian Children With Cancer

This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a group counseling program in reducing stress and pessimism among mothers of Jordanian children with cancer. The study sample, which consisted of twenty (20) participants, was divided randomly into two equal groups: an experimental group which received a counseling program based on cognitive behavioral therapy approach, and a control group that did not receive any counseling program.


Jehad Alaedein
Ezzeldeen Abdelrahman

JJES,  2011, 7(4), 371 - 397

Reading Self-Efficacy and Its Relation to the Use of Reading Strategies among a Sample of Hashemite University Students

This study aimed at investigating the relationship between reading self-efficacy and using reading strategies of university students. The sample consisted of (398) male and female students in the Hashemite University in Zarka, Jordan. To collect the data, two scales were used including a scale of reading self-efficacy and a scale of reading strategies.


Ahmed Al-Alwan
Randa Mahasneh

JJES,  2011, 7(4), 399 - 418

The Relationship between Social Intelligence and Aggressive Behavior among Gifted and Nongifted Students

This study aimed at investigating the relationship between social intelligence and aggressive behavior in its four types (bodily, verbal, anger, hostility) among gifted and nongifted students. The sample consisted of tenth grade (168) non-gifted, and (165) gifted students tenth grade in three areas in Jordan.


Ahmad Al- Zoubi

JJES,  2011, 7(4), 419 - 431