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Volume 8, No. 2, June 2012, Rajab 1433 H

Articles in Arabic



The Level of Practicing Transformational Decision Making Process by Secondary School Principals in Amman Governorate and its Relation to the Level of their Motivation Towards Work

TThis study aimed at finding out the level of practicing transformational decision-making process by secondary school principals in Amman governorate and its relation to the level of their motivation towards work.


Kamal Dawani, Abbas Al-Sharefy

 JJES,  2012, 8(2) 93 - 103

 Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used by Learners of Arabic as a Foreign Language in the University of Islamic Sciences in Malaysia and their Beliefs about Vocabulary Learning

This study investigates the vocabulary learning strategies of undergraduate Malaysian learners of Arabic as a foreign language (AFL) in terms of frequency of use and beliefs.


Abdullah Alhashemi, Mahmoud Ali

JJES,  2012, 8(2) 105 - 117

The Difference Between Teachers' Perception of Their Self-Efficacy Level in Developing Creativity of Students and Students' Perception of It

The study aimed at investigating the difference between the teachers’ perception about their teaching self-efficacy in developing their students' creativity, and their students' perception of it.


Aesheh Tawalbeh

JJES,  2012, 8(2) 119 - 130

  Academic Procrastination: Prevalence and Causes from the Point of View of Undergraduate Students

This study aimed at investigating the prevalence of academic procrastination and it's cause from the point of view of the undergraduate students, and whether these differed according to students’ gender, academic level, or specialization.


Muawia Abu Ghazal

JJES,  2012, 8(2) 131 - 149

 The Effect of Different Ability Distribution on Item Parameters and Test Information Function

This study aimed at verifying the effect of the ability (θ) distribution on item parameters and Test Information Function (TIF). To achieve the aim of the study, four ability distributions' were generated according to three parameter logistic model using WINGEN program on 60 dichotomous items.


Zaid Bani Ata,   Nedal Al Shraifin

JJES,  2012, 8(2) 151 - 166

 T Characteristics of an Effective Arabic Language Teacher: A comparative Study

This study aimed at identifying the characteristics of an effective Arabic language teacher as perceived by Arabic language teachers and high school students in Jordan, and whether there would be statistical significant differences in their evaluations of these characteristics.


Raed Khodair, Mohammed Al-Khawaldeh,      Naser Maqableh, Mohammed Bni Yaseen

JJES,  2012, 8(2) 167 - 181