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Volume 8, No. 3, September 2012, Thu Al-Qadah 1433 H

Articles in Arabic



The Relationship between Lifestyles, Anxiety and Depression

The purpose of the study was to explore the relationship between lifestyles, anxiety and depression, as well as the ability of these lifestyles in predicting anxiety and depression.


Suliman Rihani,    Adel Tannous

 JJES,  2012, 8(3) 183 - 194

 Reality of Educational Polices Related to Gifted Education Programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This study aimed to explore the reality of educational polices related to gifted education programs in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as viewed by specialists who work in gifted education.


Fathi Abu Naser, Abdullah Jgeman

JJES,  2012, 8(3) 195 - 213

 Assessing Individual Student’s Achievement in Group Project in Secondary Education

The purpose of this research is assessing individual student’s achievement and contribution to group project in secondary education, based on the holistic group score, and individual score assigned by teachers, as well as individual scores obtained from student self assessment, and peer assessment.


Rashid Hammad Aldoseri

JJES,  2012, 8(3) 215 - 232

  The writing exercises Degree of Response in the Arabic Language Books and Handwriting Books for the First Three Basic Classes in Jordan to Attitudes of the General Framework Document and the Outcomes of the Arabic Language (GFDO)

This study aims at investigating the extent and level of response to which the writing exercises in the Arabic language textbooks for the first three basic classes in Jordan, and in the handwriting books for these classes to (GFDO) of Arabic Language Subject .


Kamel Ali Otoom

JJES,  2012, 8(3) 233 - 242

  Teachers' Burnout and its Relationship to Schools Organizational Trust in Zarqa Governorate Schools as perceived by teachers

The study aimed at identifying the relationship between teachers' burnout and school organizational trust in Zarqa Governorate schools. Data for this study were collected from (374) male and female teachers from (50) public schools which were randomly selected from all schools in Zarqa Governorate in the acadimc year 2009/2010.


Huda Al-Khalaileh,   Abd Elhafez Al-Shayeb,           Hadeel Saleh

JJES,  2012, 8(3) 243 - 254

  Evaluating a Practical Education Program for the Vocational Education Students at Al Shobak College University from the Trainees' Point of View

The study aimed to evaluate a practical education program for the vocational education students at Al-Shobak College University from the trainees' point of view and has sought to answer the following questions:


Haroon Al-Tawarah

JJES,  2012, 8(3) 255 - 265

 The Effect of Electronic Learning on the Achievement of Sixth Grade Students in Science

The purpose of the study was to explore the effect of E-learning on the achievement of sixth graders in Saudi Arabia in Science. To achieve this aim, both an electricity unit was developed electronically, and an achievement test consisting of (33) items.


Imad Sa’di, Abdelrahman Al-Shammari

JJES,  2012, 8(3) 267 - 282