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Volume 8, No. 4, Dec. 2012, Muharram 1434 H

Articles in Arabic



 The Effectiveness of Training Mothers in Differential Reinforcement and Reframing in Reducing Noncompliant Behavior of Their Children and Enhancing Perceived Self Efficacy of Mothers

This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of training mothers in using differential reinforcement and reframing in reducing noncompliance of children and improving self-efficacy of mothers.


Aida Bayroti,     Nazih Hamdi

 JJES,  2012, 8(4) 283 - 302

  Tendencies of Primary Stage Students Towards Social Studies Through Drawing

This study aimed to reveal students attitudes in the Tendencies stage in the departments of education (Bani kenana and Ramtha) toward social studies text books by drawing.


Hadi Tawalbeh,   Hani Obeidat

JJES,  2012, 8(4) 303 - 314

  Attitudes of Educational Sciences Students Towards Information Literacy: "Library Skills and Use" Course as a Model

The objective of this study is to investigate the attitudes of educational sciences students towards the elective course "Library Skills and Use" as a model for information literacy.


Younis Alshwabka

JJES,  2012, 8(4) 315 - 328

   Designing a Model of the Content of Social Education Books for Primary Stage in Jordan According to the Concepts and Values of the Global, Scientific and Technological Education

The study aimed to design a model of the content of social studies educational books, for primary stage in Jordan according to the concepts and values of the global, scientific and technological education.


Eid El-Subhieen, Mahmoud Bani Abdelrahman

JJES,  2012, 8(4) 329 - 344

  The Degree of Employment of Service Learning Projects by Teachers of National and Civil Education in the Upper Elementary Stage and the Obstacles Preventingthis Employment

The study aimed to investigate the degree of employment of service learning projects in teaching, among teachers of citizenship education at upper basic stage, and the obstacles that prevent the employment of these projects.


Hamed Talafha

JJES,  2012, 8(4) 345 - 363

  The Effectiveness of Group Reality Therapy in Reducing Psychological Stress and State Anxiety Among Pregnant Women

The purpose of this study is investigating the level of psychological stress and state anxiety among pregnant women, and examining the effectiveness of a group counseling program based on the reality therapy in reducing psychological stress and state anxiety.


Aisha Al-Sawalmeh, Ahmad Al-Smadi

JJES,  2012, 8(4) 365 - 376

Articles in English



 Attitudes and Motives of Jordanian University Students towards Learning English

This study aimed to detect the attitudes and motives of university students in Jordan towards learning English within the current status of the Arab world.


Fatima Jafar

JJES,  2012, 8(4) 377 - 385