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Volume 9, No. 2, June. 2013, Rajab,  1434 H

Articles in Arabic                                      البحوث باللغة العربية



Understanding the Nature of Scientific Enterprise in Light of the Project (2061) Criteria and its Relationship to Some Demographic Variables

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the level of understanding of the nature of scientific enterprise (NOSE) among basic and secondary stage science teachers in light of the project (2061) criteria, and its relationship to some selected demographic variables such as: gender, teaching experience, school type, scientific qualification, and specialization.


Ayesh Zeitone


 JJES,  2013, 9(2) 119 - 139

Psychological Loneliness and Psychological Security and the Relationship between them among a Sample of Foreign Students at Yarmouk University

Abstract: The study aimed at investigating the level of psychological loneliness and psychological security and the relationship between them among a sample of foreign students at Yarmouk University.


Manar Bani Mustafa

Ahmad Alshrefen

JJES,  2013, 9(2) 141 - 162

The Effectiveness of Some Electronic Learning Objects in Achieving its Objectives

Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of Electronic Learning Objects (ELOs) in achieving its objectives. Results of One-Sample t-Test with respect of the Analyses of Pre-test/Post-test Experiment, revealed that there were statistically significant differences at (a≤0.05) in  the mean difference (Pre-test/Post-test) in favor of the Post-test, due to the ELOs in achieving its objectives.


Mustafa Jwaifell

Amneh Al-Ammareen

JJES,  2013, 9(2) 163 - 171

Future Anxiety Among College Students in A – Jalil Region in Light of Some Variables

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate future anxiety among college students in A – Jalil Region in light of some variables.



Mohammed Ahmad Al-Momani

Mazen Mahmoud Naeem

JJES,  2013, 9(2) 173 - 185

Evaluating of the Fifth Graders’ Performance  in Reciting the Holy Quran in Mafraq in light of the Standard Criteria

Abstract:   The present study aimed to identify the evaluation of the fifth graders performance level in reciting the Holy Quran in Mafraq in light of the standard criteria.


Ibrahim Al Zubi

JJES,  2013, 9(2) 187 - 197

The Level of Applying Electronic Administration at Yarmouk University as Percived by Administrators and Faculty Members

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to reveal the level of applying electronic administration at Yarmouk University. .


Khalifeh Abu-Ashour

Deana Al-Nimty

JJES,  2013, 9(2) 199 - 220

Students' Engagement in Learning English Language  and its Interrelation with the Student-Teacher Relationship and the  Students' Attitudes towards Learning the Language

Abstract: The study aimed at investigating students' engagement in learning the English language and its interrelation with the student-teacher  relationship and the students' attitudes towards learning the language.


Rifa Al- Zoubi

JJES,  2013, 9(2) 221 - 241

Articles in English                                البحوث باللغة الإنجليزية



The Effect of Native and Nonnative English Language Teachers on Secondary Students’ Achievement in Speaking Skills

Abstract: The present study aimed at investigating the effect of the native English language teachers in comparison with non-native English language teachers on students’ achievement in speaking skills.


Omar Al-Nawrasy

 JJES,  2013, 9(2) 243 - 254